Content Mishaps: Common mistakes in content creation

Content marketing has played a huge role in the success of digital marketing and search engine optimization. In fact, many users and business owners are investing both their time and effort in consuming and producing all types of content – from blog articles to vlogs or videos. But as much as content creation has created […]

6 Habits that Make a Successful Content Creator

In today’s digital age where the majority of businesses use content marketing as part of their strategy, it has become all the more important for marketers to create content that is top-notch and valuable. But, what does it actually take to become a successful content creator? A successful content has a specific set of behaviours […]

Truth and Fiction: Why Bandersnatch (2019) Became Popular

WARNING: this article contains spoilers to the film. Read at your own discretion.   Black Mirror’s new stand-alone film called Bandersnatch (2019) takes storytelling to a whole new level. It is about a 1980s young game programmer named, Stefan Butler who sets out on creating a choose-your-own-adventure game, adapting it from a book by the same […]

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