Creating Content For A Niche Audience In Singapore

In the marketing industry, the goal isn’t just to reach hundreds or thousands of consumers, but rather to identify your “target audience”. But did you know that you can take it a step further by marketing to more specific consumers, also known as your “niche audience”? Think of it this way: Your business has a […]

Know Your Articles: Different Types of Blogs You Can Post

Today, many use the Internet for a variety of reasons: whether you want to reach out to your family and friends, do your work or schoolwork or just simply want to let loose. In this day and age, the Internet makes it possible to spread information at a dramatic pace through many means—one of these […]

Clickbait vs Catchy Headlines: Where to draw the line?

Under this digital age, many find comfort and relaxation by just mindlessly scrolling through the Internet, especially on social media. Every time we get the chance to have a few idle minutes, we just whip out our mobile phones and either open that bird app, Facebook or Google. Because of this mindless scrolling, content creators […]

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