Look Who’s Talking: Yeo Junie, Marketing Director (Indonesia & Singapore) at Rentokil Initial

Competition Extermination: Using content to dominate the market Yeo Junie, Marketing Director (Indonesia & Singapore) at Rentokil Initial       Content conceptualisation and generation form the foundation in driving Rentokil’s digital landscape. Connecting back to business and marketing objectives, contents have to serve the KPIs of optimising brand awareness and visibility and as well as […]

The Relationship Between Digital Marketing Components: SEO & Content

  Last week, we wrote about web design and its relationship with SEO strategies. Incorporating SEO techniques in the design process of a company website is an effective way of optimising it and enhancing its online presence. To do this, it is paramount that the website has great content. Otherwise, there would be nothing to […]

5 Things Content Marketers Can Learn from Creative Writers

For what is the life we have if it were not for creative writers who bring us the best movies, novels, TV shows or even video games that we become hooked to? Creative writers imitate different fragments of life in vivid colours for us to become immersed in. With the brilliant image creative writers paint […]

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