How Voice Search Affects Featured Snippets

Like what was discussed on our search snippet article a while back, at this point we can all agree that this type of feature by Google is immensely beneficial for optimising websites. SEO strategists and agencies all over the globe know this. For what would be the point of a well-oiled and well-known digital marketing […]

Why The Number Of Pages Matter in SEO

Like what we’ve said countless times on all our stories here, the little tiny details that make up the entirety of the site and your campaign overall can have a very significant effect. These little choices — like not securing your domain or not being able to choose the correct set of keywords– can immediately […]

Boosting Your “Boring” Content

Hey, SEOs! AJ here! If you’ve lived your life reading through the billions of blog posts available out there, you may have a more clear perception of what you would consider an article that sucks a lot and one that hooks you right from the start. Today, we’ll be talking about content. And we’ll be […]

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