How to Refresh Old Content?

Online writing is a step-by-step process that can take a lot of time before you’ve finally reached the peak of your success. You work your way up until you’ve finally established your well-deserved online presence after each subsequent trial.   However, the first few steps in blogging also involve a lot of obstacles. In such […]

Look Who’s Talking: Verdel Manzano

Everyone has their own story to tell. Such is the case for OOm’s silent yet comedic Web Application Developer, Verdel Manzano. Take a deeper look into our resident quiet man and learn more about his personal life and perspective of OOm’s work ethics. What is your role in OOm? I am one of internal systems […]

How Not to Destroy Your Mobile Performance

A website’s mobile performance has been in close scrutiny for these past few years. Mostly because everyone knows that the market online is shifting steadily towards mobile use. Those that fail to adapt and ride this wave are left in the dust. At this point, if you know your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you […]

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