Overspending—it happens all the time, even to the most proficient marketers when conducting search engine marketing (SEM) strategies, mainly pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC advertising is a strategy under SEM that can help you boost your rankings, but it can also backfire if you spend too much money.


When it comes to PPC advertising, you can invest in paid search ads that redirect users to your landing page. However, while your ads can earn clicks, what matters the most is you increasing your conversion rate. Even if many users are clicking on your ads, the results will not matter if you are not converting them into potential customers.


The goal of PPC advertising and SEM is to deliver ads that can convert clicks into profits. Fortunately, you can create high-quality landing pages to do just that.


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Your landing page is the first thing users will see after clicking on your paid ads. That’s why you need a high-quality landing page for your digital marketing campaign. In doing so, you can ensure your paid ads are successful in earning clicks, while your landing page is converting those clicks to leads or sales.



4 Biggest Landing Page Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)


It doesn’t matter if your paid ads are earning clicks. Without a well-designed landing page, those clicks are good for nothing since you are not able to persuade your audience into making a decision that could benefit your business.


Whether your goal is to get people to read your blog posts or contact your business, you need to create a landing page that can successfully persuade your audience. Here are a few mistakes when it comes to making a landing page, along with the solution to help you succeed!


1. Not Getting Straight To The Point

The purpose of posting paid ads on search results is to redirect users to your landing page. In doing so, you can convince them to contact your business, visit your blog, or follow your social media page. However, what if your landing page is not successful in convincing your target audience to make such actions?


Check your landing page to see if the message is straightforward. If your landing page is not generating leads, there’s a chance that your content lacks valuable information that fails in convincing your visitors to make an action. Perhaps your landing page is not getting straight to the point?


This mistake comes in two ways. First, your landing page may be lacking valuable content that is failing to encourage your visitors to decide, whether or not, to do something beneficial for your business. On the other hand, you might be putting too much information on your landing page, resulting in your visitors being overwhelmed.


Find the middle ground by going straight to the point. Create content for your landing page that offers enough information without spoiling too much. Be straightforward, so visitors will know what they are getting into once they see your landing page.


2. Making Only One Landing Page

A common mistake for PPC advertising is making only one landing page. Sure, you could create a landing page that is generating leads, but it might not be enough for your SEM campaign to produce enough significant results. In that case, try to make a few more landing pages to expand your reach and convert more clicks into leads or sales.


Try to examine your website and check which page is getting the most visits. For example, let’s say your products page is gaining a lot of visitors as of late. You can take advantage of this situation by creating a landing page for this specific part of your website to generate more leads and attract potential customers. Do the same for other web pages so to utilise your entire website by creating two or more landing pages.


3. Slow Loading Times

When it comes to digital marketing, the user’s experience always comes first. Enhancing your customers’ website experience is key to earning their trust, which is why you need to improve your site speed, especially your landing page.


A landing page that takes more than three seconds to load is detrimental to your PPC advertising campaign. Improve your page loading speed by minimising redirects, eliminating unnecessary plugins, and reduce the number of JavaScript and CSS files if possible. Doing all of these should improve your loading speed and drive more traffic to your landing page.


4. Creating A Confusing Call To Action

Even if you create high-quality content for your landing page, it will all be for nothing if it lacks an excellent call to action (CTA). The same goes for creating a confusing CTA. If your landing page contains two or more CTAs, you might only confuse your visitors, prompting them to leave instead.


Focus on a single CTA to avoid confusing visitors. You can create several landing pages with different CTAs to generate more leads and increase your conversion rate. Just remember to include one CTA for each landing page to avoid confusion.



Increase Your Chances Of Success!

Creating a high-quality landing page is just one of the many effective strategies to improve your digital marketing campaign. If you need help, feel free to get in touch with an SEO agency in Singapore for reliable SEM and SEO services!


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