The Growing Demand For Digital Marketers In Singapore

In 2019, Singapore is found to be one of the countries with the highest internet penetration rate in Asia. With this large number, it’s no surprise that the digital marketing industry in Singapore continues to flourish. In fact, tech-savvy individuals with an extensive background in the digital space are highly sought-after by various businesses. Let’s get to know more about how digital marketers shaped the way businesses reach out to their target audience. 


The Growing Demand For Digital Marketing Jobs In Singapore

Before we delve into the important role of digital marketers in businesses, let us take a look first at how these online experts managed to become one of the in-demand professions in Singapore. 


You see, individuals with a digital marketing career in Singapore that have an entry-level job position can get an average salary of at least S$30,000 per year. Meanwhile, a senior can earn as much as S$40,000 per year. When they reach the manager position, their salary per month reaches up to S$11,000 a month. Summing up this amount for 12 months, it is over $132,000! No wonder why a digital marketing manager position is considered as one of the highest paying jobs in the marketing and communications sector in Singapore.


How was this possible? What led to the rising demand for digital marketing jobs in Singapore? The answer is simple: the high number of active social media users. These people love to feed themselves with captivating photos and engaging videos seen on various social media platforms. Thus, businesses need social media experts and video content optimisers to create such content. With this, it would be easier for businesses to get users to purchase their products and services. 




Part 1: Roles In Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing involves a wide spectrum of online strategies. It would be overwhelming for one person to create strategies and monitor them. So, a one-man team is not going to work. You would need a group of various experts with each having their specialities. To understand better the complexities of digital marketing jobs in Singapore, you need to familiarise yourself first how it is divided into different types: 


Content Marketing

As most online experts say, content is considered as the “king” in digital marketing. Although the statement is quite conceited, there is still a hint of truth in it. Engaging and relevant content is the undeniable secret in gaining customers online. Blog posts, photos, and videos are used as mediums that allow businesses to deliver their brand’s message to their target audience. For this sole reason, content marketing exists. It has the power to touch the emotion and feelings of the users.


Social Media Marketing

It has been mentioned before that there are indeed a lot of active social media users in Singapore. This presents opportunities for businesses to get to reach out to a large audience. Social networks are platforms that give a chance for businesses to interact with the consumers and build an online community. With this, it will be easier for them to get the trust of users, and at the same time, build their reputation.



Search Engine Marketing or SEM is all about paid ads for search engines. One of the most popular paid ads is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Your site’s ad will appear on the first page of its SERPs for a certain time. This helps reinforce brand recognition because your website will be repeatedly shown to users. They will eventually become paying customers if this is the case. 



Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the best ways to achieve a strong online presence without having to pay for anything! It works this way: the more organic traffic that your website has, the higher your search ranking is. If this happens, then it would be easier for you to reach out to your target audience, and eventually turn them into customers. See, how important an SEO job is in Singapore? 



Roles and Job Description

Behind every successful organisation is a team that composes of talented individuals that possess a unique skill set. The same concept applies to digital marketing. For it to work, there should be a team of online experts in which each one of them performs one of these major roles:


Creative Staff

Digital marketers who are included in the creative staff are often copywriters, content writers, art directors and multimedia artists. These digital marketers are often needed in content and social media marketing. They are the one responsible for producing content that should be aligned to their client’s brand. Such content which includes graphics, photos, videos, blog posts must be attractive and engaging enough to get the attention of users. Brainstorming sessions are often conducted to come up with concepts and campaigns that can boost a business’ brand awareness. 



The analysts are the ones who will measure if the campaigns are going to be effective or not. Measurable metrics and analytical data are often used to determine the success rate of a campaign. These people often use the logic side of things to see to it if the digital marketing strategies are appropriate for a particular business model. Most of the analysts are marketing and digital product analyst, digital insights & solutions analyst, and many more. 



Digital marketing trends continue to evolve because consumer behaviour changes over time. There need to be specialists who could come up with solutions to adapt to the ever-changing online trends. Such individuals that have these digital marketing job roles in Singapore are digital marketing specialists, digital project managers, directors, etc. 




Part 2: Skills That A Digital Marketer Must Possess

Indeed, some business owners have superb negotiation skills that made them successful. However, some of them also lack the skill to create a sort of connection with the users. Creating business deals is different from creating digital marketing strategies. To understand how consumers behave online, and how search engine algorithms work, one should be knowledgeable in digital marketing. But what skills should a digital marketer must possess to make them qualified? What should be looked at when hiring a digital marketing specialist? Here are some of those technical skills:


Data Analysis

One method to understand customers online is through digital data analysis. It makes use of the software and functional programming techniques to determine the trends in consumer behaviour online. A digital marketer must have the skill to analyse consumer data and use them to formulate plans that would help their business grow. 


In a report from a global business intelligence organisation, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), it is found that data analysis is one of the skills that most stand out the most in marketers. More businesses hire digital marketers with these skills because there seems to be a return on their data investments thanks to them.  


Content Creation

Content creation is crucial in digital marketing because it involves photos, videos, audio, and blogs that help create an engagement between the business and its customers. Content is the tool that would introduce the brand to the target audience, and how to make the message of the brand stand out among its competitors. 


In content creation, here are some of the skills that a digital marketer should have:


  1. Write and edit press releases, blogs, email, meta descriptions.
  2. Produce effective social media posts 
  3. Create promotional videos
  4. Business storytelling skills


In the same report from EIU, content is one of the most prioritised tech investments that most businesses make. Meanwhile, in some case studies, it has been proven that strategic content marketing indeed can help in boosting brand awareness and SEO. 



Basic knowledge and experience in SEO and SEM are also essential because it helps optimise content for search engines. The Internet is a vast digital space so there is a high chance that a site’s content would get lost somewhere in between if it hasn’t been optimised. Although Google’s search engine is quite smart because of its algorithm updates, an SEO and SEM specialist in Singapore must first create content Optimization strategies for it to reach the right audience. 


Among the two, SEO is one of the most in-demand skills in digital marketing. This is because search engine algorithms are often changing. Businesses need someone up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends to adapt to these changes. It would be easier for them to stay ahead in the competition if they hire an SEO specialist in Singapore


Social Media Management

Social media management is amongst the in-demand transferable skills in digital marketing because of their capabilities to boost the effectiveness of well-curated content in attracting users in various social media platforms. 


Social media platforms present opportunities for businesses to build a sound relationship with their customers. It is even dubbed as one of the most powerful modern marketing tools. Thus, a social media specialist is needed to manage social networks and create strategic content calendars to increase customer engagement. Aside from that, he can also make use of social networks to get more traffic on their website. 



For digital marketers, Customer Relationship Management or CRM skills are a must because it lets them understand how to communicate and interact with customers. It would be easier for them to win their trust and get them to start patronising their products. Remember, “customer service is the lifeblood of business”. 


CRM skills require two skill sets: empathetic and communication skills. To become empathic, a digital marketer must learn how to put themselves in the customer’s shoes. This would make it easier to understand their wants and needs. Meanwhile, good communication skills require one to be flexible in interacting with different kinds of people. This is important because each customer is different so various approaches must be used to accommodate them.          




Part 3: Why Do You Need To Hire Digital Specialists?

You might be wondering, “is it really necessary to hire a digital marketing specialist?” You already have a marketing team that can help promote your business. Why would you need to add extra manpower in your team? The answer is simple: you need them because we are now living in a digital world. In fact, it was predicted that most consumers will just be using their smartphones to purchase products online or browse the Internet in 2025. 


Benefits of Hiring Digital Expert:


Optimise Website for SEO

Digital specialists in Singapore are knowledgeable in SEO. With their expertise, your website will be easily discoverable in search engines. 


SEO is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. However, it is so quite complicated and difficult to master because the algorithms of search engines often change. So, it would be better to have a digital marketing specialist who is often up-to-date to these trends so that he would be able to redraw the strategies to adapt to the ever-changing trends. 


Full-Time Monitoring Of Online Campaigns 

SEO does not guarantee instant success. It doesn’t mean it worked once, it will work again in the future. You will be surprised your brand suddenly isn’t popular anymore even though months just passed. 


Hiring a digital specialist in Singapore is a must since he will be the one who can fully monitor your campaigns. Not only will you have more time to focus on other important business matters, but you will also stay relevant in the online market. 


Connect with Customers

Your business would not flourish if it weren’t for your customers. Because of this, you need to take care of them by always delivering quality customer service. 


With the CRM skills of digital specialists, it will be a piece of cake to win the hearts of your customers. They can make use of various social networks to connect and communicate with customers. Moreover, these social networks provide opportunities to improve customer engagement and customer service. 


Obtain Measurable Results

With digital specialists present, you won’t have to second-guess if your marketing campaigns are working or not. They can gather and analyse data to measure the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies. With this, it will be easier to come up with decisions to better improve your digital marketing efforts. 


The digital space is a powerful tool that entrepreneurs must make use of to grow their business. However, it would take time to understand and master how to use it for marketing purposes. This is where digital marketers come into the picture. With their knowledge and expertise, they can help make your business flourish online. 


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