The Importance of Local SEO for Small Businesses

Online users want fast and reliable results when browsing the internet. They want accurate search results that will help them get the answers to their questions. Where can they find the nearest service providers? Where can they buy products nearest to their homes? In that case, you can focus on optimising for local SEO in Singapore that specifies based on your shop’s location. For example, it can be a generic part of Singapore such as Jurong, Tampines, Central, Yishun, Serangoon or it can be optimised even by the street name. 


It allows people to narrow their search results and get straight to the point. With local SEO, it only takes seconds or minutes before finding the answer to your queries. It’s like finding a specific book title in a large bookshop with the help of a catalogue. Local SEO helps you navigate the online world through an automated search engine. 


So, read on to know more about the importance of local SEO and how it can help your business. 

The Importance of Local SEO for Small Businesses

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need exposure to gain more customers and expand their business recognition. Gone are the days when you needed to advertise your products face to face. Today, local SEO can help your business by explicitly targeting the customers within your reach. The nearer proximity, the more chances they will find your services or products on the search engine results page (SERP). 


In local SEO, Google determines relevance, distance and prominence. 


  • Relevance means how relatable the searches of online users are to your business.
  • Distance refers to the users’ location to your business’s location. 
  • Prominence means how well-known your business is to the public.


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Local SEO is advantageous, but it can be tricky. If you need help, look for a digital marketing company in Singapore to know more about the importance of specified local SEO services to your growing business. 


1. Give Your Business More Visibility

Creating an advertising campaign can make your business familiar to more people. Will they remember your business through your advertisement circulating online? Yes, paid advertisements will give you brand exposure.  Why not make your business rank for organic results  when they’re searching for something related to your brand on the search result page as well? 


Local SEO helps with building citations to the directory listings. This way, search engines know where and how to find your business. When online users search for products or services, your business will appear in the results, making your possible customers consider supporting your brand. 


You can also improve your local SEO efforts by utilising Google My Business (GMB) to increase your online presence. GMB allows you to add your business name, location, contact details, opening hours, website and reviews as well as linking to your social accounts. Customers can find out more about your business through GMB listing results..  


2. Increase Your Purchases and Sales

People can easily and quickly find your business with more online visibility, making them one step closer to purchasing your products and services. You need to stand out and be reachable in a sea of multiple companies in an online marketplace. Once your local SEO achieves this, you increase your sales and lead to more financial growth. 


As you partner with a digital marketing agency, know more about their local SEO services to make your advertising seamless and convenient. 


3. Grow Your Local Followers

The success of your business depends on your followers. So, establish strong supporters to make your business more prominent and relatable. Your followers will do the advertising for you, with or without their intentions. They might tell your brand to your friends and family, which increases your brand recognition.


Local SEO in Singapore can make your business more connected to your online followers. The search engine has more specific results as it provides answers to your prospective customers’ whys, hows, and wheres. 


While appearing in most searches, your business can also be more visible to the people within your vicinity and thus, helps grow your local followers. 


4. Makes Your Brand More Trustworthy

Locally relevant content makes your brand more trustworthy to the customers. When planning your local SEO campaign with a digital agency, know the trends and current issues for a reliable brand image. It will generate more online customers that will leave positive reviews and positively influence people’s perception of your brand. 


The good news is that people will trust an SME business over a well-known brand if there are more positive reviews. Thanks to local SEO, customers choose your brand and leave an impact on your company. 


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5. Gain an Advantage Over Your Competitors

To survive the competitive business industry, you need to gain an advantage over your competitors. The best way to do this is to appear in search results. The local SEO can help your brand by promoting your business by specifying the location. You can gain an advantage over companies that are far from your vicinity. After getting this opportunity, earn your customers’ trust to expand your business for more growth.

Be More Visible With OOm

Be More Visible With Local SEO

Small businesses need more exposure to expand their brands. If you need help with your local SEO campaign, contact OOm, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, to know more about OOm’s local SEO services. The more recognition your business receives, the more customers you can reach. So, focus on your web visibility and enhance your digital presence.


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