The Marketing Success of Netflix

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It’s not new that a brand name has become a a general term like Google, Onesies, Bubble Wrap, Kleenex, and a whole lot more. This norm has been happening ever since advertising has reached a relevant number of target market. But in this age where competition is tight due to the advancement in technology and digital campaigns, owning an “activity” or “product” may seem to be hard.


Netflix, an American media-services provider, does not see this as a hindrance. They even utilise modern technology to remain one of the biggest names in the online streaming scene. So, what do they do? Well, basically, Netflix offers a wide variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more shows via their app or web platform.


In 6 years, Netflix has increased their number of subscribers of 92%, having more than 130 million subscribers worldwide by the third quarter of 2018. But if you think that Netflix has had a smooth ride persuading their target audience, you’re wrong – their marketing strategy is truly unparalleled. If you will come to think of it, Netflix is nothing but a viewing platform, right? Just like your own cable TV or a usual trip to a movie house. But if you will try to look further, Netflix revolutionised the way people watch. It changes the way people consume content.



From the basics of going viral to producing their own shows, let’s take a look at some of their content and social media marketing strategies that led this app to where it is now.


Content Marketing and Netflix

The content is their product. It’s one of the biggest advantage that Netflix has among other apps that caters to games or other services. Because of that, Netflix paid careful attention to beefing up their content. However, they didn’t go for traditional marketing. They did not just focus on featuring the trending shows and movies, they innovate when it comes to their list. Since content is their ultimate ammunition, Netflix made sure that they will offer not just what everyone is watching but what everyone is missing. In that way, users will not just go to their app to rewatch a favorite show but they will also go to Netflix to look for something fresh and something new.



Another breakthrough that Netflix did not miss is investing on producing original contents. Hence the launch of Netflix Originals. Instead of just marketing what big film and TV companies have already produced, Netflix is also brave in putting their bet on creating spin-off shows, original shows, short films, and movies. Through this, they have created a whole new target audience with an established loyalty.



In the light of making their content more powerful, Netflix makes their data gathering more personal – in terms of what to show in your feed. They track your browsing behavior and the types of content that you watch to be able to offer a tailored list of shows to watch. These data are useful in suggesting you the best contents, that’s at par with your preference, which gives you more reason to stick around longer. It’s basically monitoring your user behaviour to provide more relevant content. Ain’t that smart?



Aside from that, Netflix also showcases a teaser or trailer before releasing a show or movie which amps up the excitement. Netflix uses a smart algorithm where it can identify who might be interested in an upcoming show. Through this collective data they were able to come up with ideas on what to put next on the app.


And as a cherry on top of their fruitful content marketing is creating campaigns that is shareable on social media. Publishing teasers, personalised posters, digital ads, and even memes make their online presence harder to miss. Their posts and online contents have become part of the users conversations which is consequently helping brand and show promotion at the same.


Their Social Media Techniques

Netflix’s visibility across the Internet is incomparable. They are reachable in all social media channels, from all types of devices. What’s more interesting is on how they have Pages and Accounts for different countries, which makes campaigning and more promotion more effective.


In social media, Netflix showcases authenticity. They have a unique voice when interacting with their users and subscribers. Unlike other companies who are too afraid to step out of the “formal” tone, Netflix sounds more approachable online that fits the personality of most of their users.







Netflix is also rich on listening to their audience from social media and actually doing something about it. One of the most common, and probably one of the most useful, upgrade that they did was Netflix Socks. It was a result of listening to their audiences about how many users who are binge-watching are falling asleep. So, they solved the problem by creating an accelerometer that detects when users are inactive then sending a signal to them to continue or pause. This creative use of technology won a Shorty Award which only connotes how successful it is.




Social media is also a number’s game. Which only means that if you want to stay relevant, you have to regularly post on social media and keep your audience engaged all the time. Netflix’s approach on social media is also innovative. They create witty and humorous posts which contributes in triggering the interests of the users. They also use “inside jokes” or “quotable quotes” from popular shows to make it more relatable.


Marketing A Good Product



All of Netflix’s initiative are actually paying off for a long term goal, which is actually good for business. Their share price gained more than 5% and have added nearly 7 million subscribers in three months. But this alone does not come from marketing strategies. The biggest advantage of Netflix is having a good product. Because at the end of the day, what you sell is more important on how you sell it.

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