The Power Of Inclusive Marketing In Singapore

We all know how culturally diverse Singapore is. Beyond the fascinating architecture, the magnificent waters at the Marina Bay Sands, and the magical glimmer you see from the two at night, the real beauty of Singapore can be seen from the people in the country that embrace each other regardless of race, gender, and other backgrounds. With this, you immediately see how inclusivity, respect, and tolerance are important.

In today’s age, advertisements may make or break your business. Marketing makes the economy and the fates of the businesses go round. This is why when you are planning your marketing campaigns, it is necessary to be utmost strategic. Know your target audiences and know where exactly you are launching your campaigns. While it has always been our drill to identify our target audiences and fashion our campaigns according to what they want, with the diverse market in Singapore, you might as well start to reconsider.


Focusing on target audiences may work but in some instances where there prove to be more and more diverse groups, wouldn’t it be effective as well if you try to address as much group as you can by launching more marketing campaigns that are inclusive? With this said, here are a few reasons why inclusive marketing must be considered, as we have condensed from Adebisi Adewusi’s article in PostFunnel.



More Diverse Community


You must have already seen this in Singapore. On top of the many cultural groups we nurture in this country, Singapore has also been one of the centres for globalised trade. With this, one race or cultural group will certainly mingle with another as they go to Singapore for business or livelihood. This makes a community that’s more diverse. Hence, you also need to make your campaigns more inclusive that while target consumers become more and more compartmentalised, your campaigns may still embrace them.


But before you launch your campaigns, do a little research first. You must first know the different gradients of the cultural spectrum of your target audience. Conduct extensive research to know their behaviour and how their purchase becomes different from other groups. Know what’s important to them and their cultural perspectives. Becoming mindful of verbal or visual cues they give off when they buy will also help. Test first how they will react to your ad before you even start production.


Of course, all of these would be barely possible without a diverse creative team. It is they who know very well how to live as the cultural group they belong to. With them, you can avoid controversies with missteps and insensitive advertising, especially during this time when call-out culture serves as the gavel on the Internet.



Oneness With Consumers


Getting to know your consumer and providing representation for them provides acknowledgement and solidarity to their existence. This shows how much a brand values its consumers—that it can even go close as to be personal with them. Upon seeing themselves in your advertisements and if your depiction is good, they will grow to be warm towards your brand.


Truly, inclusive marketing advertisements build a great deal of emotional connection with your consumers as you are one with the celebration of who they are. With this also comes the right products that you will offer based on what they need.



Offers A More Soulful Brand Reputation

As your brands to go deeper into the hearts of your consumers, having an inclusive marketing advertisement will make your brand gain a soulful or deeper reputation. In the current times where becoming socially aware is encouraged, brands that show progressive and more inclusive brands gain a nod from the public



Good For Business


Since your ad is inclusive, it most certainly will intersect with different groups, thereby making your brand known to them as well. Especially when it is done in good taste, it will foster brand relevancy and drive sales. Today, millennials and gen Zs are more picky about the brands they will trust. If your brand is more pro-active and progressive with these inclusive ads, they most certainly will pick you.



Doing The Right Thing


On top of all the things we have said, in a world where we have been made to become isolated from each other, embracing diversity by becoming inclusive with the ads that you show. These ads will also be a way of conditioning the public for the better.


Now that you know why inclusive marketing matters not only in Singapore but also the world, it is now up to you on how you can design a marketing campaign that will be fashioned according to this purpose. If you want to know how to create content that’s inclusive, we might have an article that tells you how to become more diverse with the content that you publish. In today’s digital age, trying it all out on the Internet would be strategic, with a reliable SEO company and SEM agency like OOm. Contact us now!