The Rise Of Esports (And How It Affects Digital Marketing)

Playing video games is not just a hobby anymore. Nowadays, gaming has turned into a business. But this time, the players are the ones making money.


Esports, also known as eSports, e-sports, and electronic sports, is a type of sport competition involving video games with players competing against one another. Organisations would form tournaments and events with professional video game players as participants.


Tournaments were already a part of video game culture, especially in the 2000s. However, these small-time competitions usually consisted of amateurs. It was the beginning of the 2010s when companies and organisations started to fund tournaments and turn the video game industry into a more sustainable and profitable sector.


The rise of esports has made the future of digital marketing much brighter. Many brands have invested in esports marketing, especially in South Korea, where the esports industry has influenced countless advertising strategies.



An Introduction To Esports

Introduction To Esports


The esports industry rose to prominence in the late 2010s, when the total number of viewers increased to around 454 million viewers in 2019. With the increasing availability of live-streaming sites such as YouTube and Twitch, esports quickly became one of the most profitable industries worldwide.


Video game franchises such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Counter-Strike are examples of popular and profitable names in the esports industry. Organisations would host tournaments with professional gamers playing these games to compete and win prizes.


Brands are already seeing the potential of esports for digital marketing. With esports events as your medium for digital content creation, you can reach a bigger audience and attract more potential customers.


Esports is an industry full of potential. By investing in esports, you can raise brand awareness and engage with a more active audience. Here is how esports has affected digital marketing in Singapore.



How Did Esports Affect Digital Marketing?

How Esports Affect Digital Marketing


1. Created A Large Target Audience

While esports tournaments are all about the pro gamers battling against each other, the purpose of investing in esports for digital marketing is to engage with a more active and larger audience.


In 2020, there were approximately 495 million people watching esports. These numbers are a sign of the quickly growing esports audience. Investing in esports for digital marketing is an excellent way to engage with more consumers.


The esports audience consists of mainly young male adults. You can target consumers who are highly likely to be passionate about digital technology and video games. Keep that in mind if you are planning a digital content creation strategy for an esports audience.


2. Helped Raise Awareness In The Asia-Pacific Region

While esports fans are mostly young male adults, many of them also live in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2019, the esports revenue in Asia amounted to $519 million. That is approximately half of the total esports revenue worldwide.


By investing in esports for digital marketing, you can raise brand awareness in Asia-Pacific countries, such as the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and especially South Korea, where the esports industry is booming.


Esports has so much potential in Asia, so consider using esports as a digital marketing medium for raising brand awareness. Try placing ads on live-stream platforms like YouTube and Twitch. You could even partner with an organisation that may help you connect with more esports viewers and fans.


3. Benefitted Live-streaming Platforms

Live-streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch are steadily on the rise. You can use these platforms to enhance your digital marketing strategies.


Ever since the esports industry gained popularity in the late 2010s, live-streaming sites quickly became one of the most widely used platforms for fans and professional gamers alike. These platforms are accessible and easy to use, so consumers will have a convenient time watching their favourite video games and players online.



Esports Marketing Tips For Your Brand

With a growing audience and a continuous rise in popularity, no doubt that esports marketing will remain a vital part of digital marketing for the foreseeable future. However, if you want to invest in esports for marketing, there are few things you should consider first.


For starters, you need to focus on content marketing in Singapore. To build trust, you should establish your credibility by creating-high quality content and sharing valuable information from reliable sources. Promote your content on social media and live-streaming platforms to attract a specific audience.


Another thing to consider is your association with the right esports influencer or agency. You need to take part in esports events and tournaments if you want to engage with your audience. To do so, try getting in touch with reputable esports influencers and agencies that can help you.




Invest in esports while the industry is still gaining traction! Establish your credibility by conducting an online reputation management strategy with the help of an agency.


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