The Ultimate Guide To SERP Features

When a person types in their queries on a search engine site like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, it would show a search results page containing collections of websites related to the query or keywords the person has typed in. This page is called a search engine results page (SERP). SERP plays a significant role in SEO services.

Many SEO services in Singapore consider the SERP the best position for their websites. In real estate, SERP is comparable to the best commercial location for business, such as the central business district. It is where people influx to find what they need, from jobs to food, down to daily essentials.

All You Need To Know About SERP

All you need to know about SERP


What are SERPs?

A SERP or search engine result page is the search engine’s response to your queries. 


For example, if you search for “chocolate cake recipe” on Google or Bing, the entire results page that pops out is a SERP.


No two SERPs are the same. A search engine’s algorithms and the user’s browser settings affect which answers appear on a SERP. It includes the browsing history, user’s location, and website SEO rankings.


Why does SERP matter in SEO in Singapore?

One of the primary goals of an SEO company in Singapore is for their websites to gain a position on the SERP.


SERP generates a great deal of organic traffic to your website. It also determines if the local SEO services’ strategies for your website are working. The higher rank your website gets on SERP, the more effective your SEO strategies are.


What are the types of search engine queries?

Before we break down the components of SERP, we must know the type of queries people type in on their search engines. 


  • Informational Queries


Informational queries are the most common queries people consult on Google or Bing. 

The best examples of informational queries are the “how-to” and the 5W and 1H questions. Your digital marketing agency also takes advantage of these queries by providing articles and content that answers the most common informational queries.


Informational Queries

  • Navigational Queries


People make navigational queries when they type in the name of a brand on a search engine. The SERP then shows the brand’s site as the top answer. 


Although navigational queries are not typically targeted compared to informational questions, there are ways to make your website rank on the SERP. 


For example, your digital agency in Singapore makes sure all your website’s details are filled out, such as the company name, location, contact information, and products and services. 


Navigational Queries


  • Transactional Queries


People make transactional queries to purchase a product or service. Frequently, they include keywords, such as “order” and “buy” before the product name or brand. 


Aside from generating heavy traffic to websites, transactional queries also have a high rate of customer conversion. Your digital marketing company in Singapore could utilise transactional queries as well by inserting keywords such as “buy” and “order” into the content. High-quality, keyword-rich, and persuasive articles convince visitors to purchase the promoted products.


Transactional Queries


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What are the types of SERP results?

As mentioned, several factors affect the SERP, such as the user’s location, browsing history, and the SEO ranking of your website, courtesy of your SEO agency in Singapore.


There are two primary types of SERPs. These are organic listings and paid ads listings.


  • Organic listings


Organic listings are the traditional unpaid listings of websites that appear on your SERP. 


SEO vendors use varieties and updated SEO packages and strategies in  Singapore to guarantee your website ranks higher on organic listing SERP. The catch is search engines, like Google and Yahoo, constantly improve and tweak their algorithms to improve their search results.


The best SEO company in Singapore needs to produce high-quality, keyword-rich content to overcome the algorithm’s challenges.


Organic Listings SERP


  • Paid listings


Contrary to organic listings, paid listings do not use heavy local SEO techniques in Singapore to rank websites and content on a SERP. The bid of your SEO agency or the amount search engines receive per website click is the most crucial determining factor.


However, they also consider the search engine optimization fundamentals in Singapore, such as the relevance and the quality of the ad content.


You can identify paid listings by looking at the “Ad” icon.

Paid Listings SERP


SERP Features

SERP features are SERP results other than organic and paid listings. Examples of SERP features include:


  • Rich Snippets


Search results that contain product or review ratings. 


Rich Snippets SERP Features


  • Featured snippets


These provide a short excerpt from the article to answer the query.


Featured Snippets SERP Features


  • Video carousels


These are video search results related to the query.


Video Carousel SERP Features


  • Site links


Site links are the list of links under a search result.


Site Links SERP Features


  • People also ask


A list of most commonly asked questions related to the query.


People Also Ask SERP Features


SERP is a crucial part of local SEO. With the help of an award winning SEO and digital marketing agency in Singapore, your website can appear on users’ SERPs whenever they search for content that’s related to your business.


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