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Driving traffic to your website may be one of the most significant tasks undertaken for your digital marketing strategy. Similarly, neglecting the conversion pathway for your website would amount to doing injustice to your traffic effort.


Therefore it is just as important to consider intricately, if not wisely how your website will convert visitors to become valuable leads or even customers. In this topic, we shall cover a number of tips which will help you to increase conversions on your websites.


Tip #1: what is your USP?

As the first question marketing consultants would usually ask their clients, “What is your USP?”


USP here refers to Unique Selling Proposition. Your USP is important to separate you from your competitors. Does your website have something that other websites do not have? When a visitor visits your website, is there something so compelling that he/she would return to visit or buy again?


A quick thought. Most commerce websites hardly have a USP or are aware they need one. Many of them would attempt to cover a niche, e.g. female corporate female dresses, but fail to highlight what truly makes them stand out from competitors from the same niche.


For instance, if Miss Emerson owns an ecommerce website that sells female corporate dresses, she can further sharpen her proposition by using “female corporate dresses made from the finest silk”. This way, Miss Emerson would differentiate herself from her competitors and make it more memorable for visitors to remember or even for them to share it with their friends via word-of-mouth.


Tip #2: Use Big and Clear Images

Image is the crux that will make or break your website. When visitors are unable to touch or see your product physically, the next most critical factor is to have your images presented clearly and if possible articulately. While many ecommerce websites have survived using images solely without text. It would actually be recommended to include detailed description of what the product function is or what it capable of.


Another possibility would be to use multiple images instead of one image for the product. Zoom and shoot the product from different angles and dimensions. If resources allow, allow for the product to be rotatable online by visitors. When visitors are having fun inspecting and rotating your product online, you know you’ve got them engaged.


Henceforth remember, on ecommerce websites, quality in image is king.


e.g. of good usage of images on ecommerce website


Tip #3: Be Clear and Upfront

Honesty is the best policy, and this applies to ecommerce too. If your product provides free delivery, that’s great! Mention it! If delivery charges apply, mention it too! There is nothing that turns off customers more when they felt that they are misled at the point of checkout.


When your product is out of stock, remember to make it visible to your visitors too. Being clear and upfront will help to moderate visitors’ expectations early in the search and buying process, leading to healthier conversions.


Here you have it three tips for better conversions which will add to your digital marketing arsenal! If you are interested, stay tune to our next article which we will feature more tips on how to improve your conversions for your ecommerce website.

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