The search engine optimisation (SEO) industry in Singapore is a competition of websites pitted against one another. Think of it as a gladiatorial arena, where you and a few other people are fighting to achieve the top spot on search engines.


Part of achieving a top spot in search engines is adapting to the latest trends. Know the current trends in the SEO industry to increase your rankings and gain insight into consumers. Doing so will let you know what most people are up to regarding search engines and other SEO-related activities.


Fortunately, the list in this article will provide you with everything you need to know about the latest trends for SEO! Take a look at the current trends in the Singapore SEO industry this 2023.







One of the game-changing updates of Google are the featured snippets. What are featured snippets?


Featured Snippets


Featured Snippets also known as position zero, appear as the first result on the search engine results page (SERP). Having a snippet that features a short piece of your content that is most relevant to the search term. The only problem is that getting a snippet is difficult since there is a high competition with Google accessing millions of websites and only featuring the page that is deemed as most relevant to the search term. In that case, enhance the quality of your content by providing users with in-depth answers.


Getting Google to feature your content on a snippet is challenging, but it is worth the effort since it can boost your website to earn more clicks. The reason why it is worth it to pursue featured snippets is the high traffic and conversion it generates. Google considers whether or not the content is snippet-worthy, depending on the content’s relevancy. Subsequently,  users perceive websites on featured snippets as authoritative and reliable, therefore, gaining their trust. 


The trick to getting your content featured on a snippet is to answer questions. Provide users with clear, concise, and comprehensive responses that are relevant to your website. Continue to do so in the long run, and Google could just deem your content snippet-worthy!




Website security has always been a topic of concern since the dawn of the Internet. After all, accessing any web page will put your private information at risk!


Unfortunately, the dangers of cybersecurity are becoming more common these days, no thanks to advanced programming and malware. For that reason, you should ensure your website is virus-free!


Registering to hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) not only allows safe communication with the server but is also an indication for many users that the website is safe and legitimate. Moreover, Google considers HTTPS a ranking signal. Being registered to the HTTPS protocol is essential for SEO.


A safe and secure website will not only protect your users, but it will also boost your SEO in Singapore and prevent you from getting blacklisted by search engines. In the end, the goal is not only to please search engines but make sure users are comfortable with your website. 


It is where regular and stringent website maintenance enters the picture. Website maintenance will ensure your website security is up to date and has no vulnerabilities to cyberattacks.




One of Google’s many priorities is ranking websites that are well-optimised for mobile phones. It comes as no surprise since more people are using smartphones nowadays. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you are missing out on a large portion of your target audience!


Remember to optimise your website for mobile phones. It will increase your SEO rankings and provide mobile users with a user-friendly experience whenever they visit your site.


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Highest conversion rate at 1 - 2 second website load time


2023 is the start of a new decade of innovation and technology, which means most people are expecting better digital experiences on the Internet. Make sure your website runs optimally by enhancing its performance and SEO.


Slow loading times can give a poor first impression of your brand and increase bounce rate! Improve your website speed to provide visitors with a good user-friendly experience. Many SEO agencies with website maintenance services can help you improve your website’s speed performance.




Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) is an excellent way to make website management easier, convenient, efficient, and less time-consuming. Not only that, but AI can boost your SEO rankings! You could use chatbots, content analysing tools, and many other AI-based software programs to give your website visitors a one-of-a-kind digital experience.


Also, in due time, using AI can help your progress by gathering critical data based on your website performance. Take advantage of AI technology on your website to increase your SEO rankings and give users more reasons to visit your website!




In previous years, brands and digital marketers wrote content primarily for search engine robots. They ‘outsmart’ the search engine bots by stuffing generic blogs with long-tail and short-tail keywords to snag the top rank on SERP.


However, although these strategies worked in the past, reading content written for robots may not be as relevant context-wise as those written for people in recent years. Search engines like Google are becoming more considerate of the contextual value of articles to provide better results to search queries.


Through artificial intelligence, Google bots and search engine crawlers go beyond the technical aspect of SEO, such as using your keywords and heading structure. These bots can now understand the context of the content and process natural language. But remember, Google bots will never get to the context analysis stage without a properly laid out technical SEO.


Remember, unique, high-quality, and informative articles written for people increases relevancy to the search terms. If your website content is deemed reliable and informative, you could also potentially earn backlinks from external websites, which also improves your SEO link building. Moreover, the user experience of your website enhances when they see your content is relevant, useful, and informative.


Brands must find the balance between the technical and contextual aspects of writing content for the website to polish up their SEO strategies. Brands can engage  SEO services in Singapore to manage this area of marketing.




88% of consumers purchase products after watching explainer videos


Video sharing will continue to rise in the future, especially with multiple video-sharing platforms on the rise. Top social media platforms, such as TikTok and Facebook, are capitalising on video-sharing features. Facebook Watch and Instagram Reels are great places where brands can showcase their products and services through video marketing.


Here are the valid reasons why brands must consider video marketing in 2023, according to Wyzowl:



Brands must pay more attention to video marketing and the potential of video-sharing platforms today. Some SEO vendors provide video marketing services which brands can take advantage of.


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400 million smart homes worldwide


Voice search is one of the latest trends in SEO as they are becoming more crucial these coming years. Many people are becoming more reliant on virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby, and Microsoft Cortana. According to Statista, there are more than 400 million households with smart speakers, with China and the United States as the largest markets.


Brands must adapt to this latest SEO trend by optimising their content to voice search. Here’s how to do it:


  • Opt for natural language and conversational tone.
  • Keep the answers concise, direct, and cohesive.
  • Ramp up local SEO.
  • Aim for featured snippets.


Optimising your website for this medium can impact your search engine rankings significantly. It also provides a better user-experience, which is a crucial factor in converting traffic.




Indeed video and voice search are game changers for 2023, but brands must not leave out image search. For the past years, brands, marketers, and SEO vendors have learned how to optimise images. The tricks include using high-quality photos, optimising file names, and utilising alt texts.



But there is more to come with image search, especially with Google Lens. Google Lens helps people search for things using their camera or an image. Google Lens will deliver image results similar to the photos people used in their image search.


But how does Google Lens analyse and deliver the best image results? For one, Google Lens compares the user’s image to other pictures. It also considers the captions and metadata of the photos.


For images of a specific product, Google Lens delivers image results along with product information and ratings. So besides optimising product descriptions, brands must also optimise their product images.


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Local SEO thrived during the pandemic


Local SEO is one of the evergreen strategies; no wonder why it makes it to the list of the latest trends in SEO for 2023. The COVID-19 global pandemic is one of the contributing factors to the demand for local SEO.


According to the study from Accenture, 50% of consumers opt to buy from local stores and businesses during the pandemic, and most of them are planning to retain their shopping behaviour in the long term, even after the pandemic.


Additionally, most voice search often generates local results, considering that the AI behind these virtual assistants considers the location, language, and vernaculars. Brands must not leave out local SEO strategies in Singapore in 2023.





The digital marketing industry is evolving, which leads to more disruptions and changes in the future. Always stay updated with the latest trends to come up with better SEO strategies!


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