Top 5 Moving Companies In Singapore

Moving to a new home is easier said than done. The road trip itself is easy, but what about the process of packing and unpacking your stuff?


In short, it’s stressful. While relocating sounds exciting, the preparations you need to make beforehand can be exhausting! You can consume hours of packing your items one by one. Not to mention, you’ll have to unpack all of your boxes once you arrive at your destination.


If that’s the case, then hiring a mover seems like the best choice. The only thing you need to worry about is filing the necessary paperwork. Other than that, you’re good to go!


However, you should also consider the people you’ll hire to help you move. Some moving companies offer cheap rates at the cost of lesser quality of services. That’s why you should find a mover in Singapore who can help you in many ways, such as packing your household belongings and transporting them to your destination.


The Top 5 Moving Companies In Singapore

1. Yi Yun Movers & Logistics


Specialty: Moving and storage services at an affordable price

Website: https://www.yiyunmovers.com.sg


Yi Yun Movers is one of Singapore’s leading moving companies. Their wide range of services are perfect for clients who need to transport their items to residential and commercial areas.


Families, companies, business—Yi Yun Movers caters to all kinds of customers who are looking for affordable moving and storage services. Also, if you need to secure your items in a safe place, Yi Yun Movers can take care of them for you. Otherwise, you could dispose of any unwanted junk by letting Yi Yun Movers deliver your trash to waste disposal facilities.


The best part is that you can hire Yi Yun Movers at an affordable price. For that reason, Yi Yun Movers is one of the best moving companies in Singapore!


2. Sim Mover


Specialty: Storage, relocation, and disposal services

Website: https://simmovers.com


Since 2004, Sim Movers has been serving the citizens of Singapore with reliable relocation and storage services. Like Yi Yun Movers, Sim Movers offers a variety of services, such as storage rentals, relocation, and disposal of furniture.


Whether you and your family are moving somewhere or your office is setting up a new shop, you can trust Sim Movers to help you transport your belongings in no time. The leading moving company’s goal is to provide customers with convenience for a hassle-free experience.


Besides moving, Sim Movers is also exceptional in a few other skills, such as painting, demolition remodelling, and heavy machine packing.


3. Beam Storage


Specialty: Flexible storage services

Website: https://www.beamspace.com/sg


While moving is the company’s signature service, Beam Storage is at its best when it comes to storing various items, especially furniture. For only $8 a month, you can store large items and secure them at a safe location. However, for storing larger packages, you might want to consider opting for a bigger space.


For example, the monthly cost of storing your items ranges from $55 (15 sq ft) to $300 (100 sq ft). Nonetheless, the cost of keeping your items safe is worth the price if you consider the duration and quality of services.


4. The Family Movers


Specialty: Pet and family relocation

Website: https://www.familymovers.com


The Family Movers is a moving company that’s been around since 1975. Of course, they can move and store your items for safekeeping, but what sets them apart from others is their pet relocation services.


With over 40 years of experience, you can bet that The Family Movers will get you, your family, and your pets safely to your destination in no time. Their movers focus on stressful tasks, such as lifting furniture, heavy hardware, and other fragile equipment. As a result, you can sit back, relax, and let The Family Movers do all the hard work!


5. P.A.C. Movers


Specialty: Moving and installation services

Website: https://www.pac-movers.com


Moving may be difficult, but it’s not as scary as it sounds. Just ask P.A.C. Movers, a moving company since 2010.


When it comes to getting the job done as soon as possible, P.A.C. Movers is a bonafide professional. Their commitment to accomplishing the tasks reflects their quality of services. Not to mention, they’ll help you achieve the most frustrating task of all: unpacking your stuff! You can count on them to unload your belongings in the most careful way possible.




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