Top 28 e-Commerce Website Development Companies In Singapore

Apr 02 2020

Top 28 e-Commerce Website Development Companies In Singapore

Written by Carlo Angelo Suñga

2020 has seen an explosion of online shopping across the globe, with statistics predicting up to 2.05 billion online shoppers this year. That’s approximately 25% of the world’s population, and this number is only set to grow larger.


Businesses of all sizes are rushing to tap into this pool of both regional and international buyers. Yet, the principles of e-commerce remain the same, in particular the importance of website design and development. The most successful e-commerce websites offer exclusive features to cater to online shoppers, including:


  • Wishlist
  • Shopping cart
  • Transparent transactions
  • Payment options
  • Customer-to-seller communication


It’s no surprise then that web development is crucial for both e-commerce stores as well as improving one’s SEO, and that’s where e-commerce website development companies come into play. They ensure a smooth integration, as well as provide invaluable advice and support to help your business expand.


We’ve compiled a list of Singapore’s top 28 e-commerce website development companies in Singapore that are ideal for helping your business.



Top 28 E-Commerce Web Development Companies


1. eFusion Technology


Founded in 2004, eFusion Technology (also known as eFusion) is a leading e-commerce web design and development company in Singapore. It has an exemplary track record for delivering digital design for a wide range of clients, implementing cutting-edge and user-friendly features into cusomised e-commerce websites for businesses.



eFusion also offers other services, ranging from web design and development to digital marketing services. Regardless of your services or merchandise, eFusion utilises their effective shopping cart solutions for different categories of e-commerce, making online shopping a smooth affair for your customers.


2. Firstcom Solutions


Since 2010, Firstcom Solutions has been developing websites with real-time, data-driven analytics in mind. They specialise in developing streamlined e-commerce websites to reduce your time spent on admin and management, leaving you free to focus on the business at hand and interacting with customers.



With a clientele comprising SMEs and MNCs across diverse industries, Firstcom Solutions stands ready to create a 24/7 online gateway to your business, that customers can access anytime and anywhere.


3. White Paper Communications


If you’re looking for all-around web development services, White Paper Communications (WPC) is a solid choice. They pride themselves on creating user-friendly and engaging websites, that are also user and SEO-friendly, all at affordable rates.




WPC’s clientele features some of Singapore’s leading brands, such as DHL and Ansac Technology. With their experienced and certified web developers, rest assured that your e-commerce website stands out from the competition.


4. Pixel Mechanics

An award-winning digital agency that prioritises user experience, Pixel Mechanics builds meaningful user connections through the fusion of art and science. Through PixelCommerce, they empower businesses to enjoy reduced e-commerce administration, enhanced conversion to sales, as well as a bespoke customer experience.


With a list of well-known clients across F&B, MNCs, as well as SMEs, Pixel Mechanics delivers a vibrant and efficient website that’s sure to rivet your customers’ attention and leave a lasting impression.


5. CodiGeeks


Optimising for mobile is a major concern for e-commerce. Fortunately, CodiGeeks is more than suited to help develop a responsive website for mobile phones. As a leading e-commerce web design and development company, they are adept with platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and OsCommerce.



CodiGeeks incorporates both creative web design trends and years of expertise into their e-commerce sites, ensuring your website is both smooth and appealing to your customers across web and mobile.


6. Elves Lab


Elves Lab is another leading web development company in Singapore that’s been around for 18 years. They have extensive experience in web design, with featured clients ranging from international brand names to popular F&B and hospitality names in Singapore.


Elves Lab’s packages are flexible and charge either per hour or job, allowing you to choose what you need for your e-commerce site according to your budget. You can add on social media integration, SEO services, as well as CMS.




SMMILE is a great choice for businesses seeking to appeal to international shoppers. They categorise your items for greater convenience for shoppers, as well as offer diverse e-commerce options such as PayPal and Stripe, facilitating payments across the globe.



Utilising established platforms such as WooCommerce, SMMILE also helps you to manage tax and inventory, offers fully customisable web design, and generates sales and customer reports for enhanced business strategy; making them a great choice for selling to customers locally and overseas.


8. iCreationsLab


iCreationsLab has been active for 15 years, and the company continues to help clients achieve their goals in the e-commerce industry. Their goal is to craft user-friendly e-commerce websites to facilitate customers’ shopping experience for their clients.



iCreationsLab’s websites feature various elements, ranging from integration with social media, catalogue and customer management, as well as efficient payment methods and mobile optimisation, making e-commerce a breeze for businesses. They also offer website maintenance and hosting services as well.


9. Skubbs Station


Skubbs Station is a digital agency that offers a variety of technology-based solutions for their clients. Their services include integrated omni-commerce solutions for companies seeking to start an e-commerce platform, along with strategic brand consulting, brand designs, and web & app development.



They have a wide range of satisfied clients across multiple industries, from F&B to banking and education; making them ideal for both start-ups and established companies.


10. Ixen Interactive


Embracing the union of art and technology, Ixen Interactive prides itself on Interaction Design (IxD) – combining both digital and physical worlds via VR to enhance the interaction between brands and customers. They have executed ideas across interactive touch screens, showroom displays, digital adverts, and VR applications, amongst others.



Besides IxD, they also offer web design, mobile app development, as well as UX design, making them great for companies seeking a spruced-up e-commerce platform.


11. Closely Coded


Experts in web design and development, Closely Coded specialises in designing and implementing highly customisable e-commerce websites. Their clients range from fashion boutiques to hospitality-focused industries, and they deliver a clean and streamlined website that facilitates a swift checkout process for customers.



Closely Coded also features easy order management for administrators to track and generate reports, along with automatic email notification for customers, ensuring that both sides enjoy a smooth and pleasant experience.


12. Amber Creative


Amber Creative is a full-service digital agency that delivers innovative digital experiences for users across mobile and web platforms. They specialise in e-commerce website development, complimenting it with web design and mobile app development, ensure that their clients’ customers experience a seamless shopping experience.



Amber Creative utilises established e-commerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, delivering solid results that have garnered the approval of clients such as higher institutes of learning as well as local SMEs.


13. Ipixel Creative


With a passion for crafting pixels into life since 2007, Ipixel Creative delivers web design, development, graphic design and corporate branding amongst others, helping to pull your company ahead of the competition. Their eye-catching and stunning web page designs make shopping a breezy affair for your customers, while also supporting businesses in online marketing as well.



Ipixel Creative also follows the latest trends in web design and development, sharing their knowledge with their clients to help them better understand and manage their own website, leading to a smoother experience.


14. Comnet Solutions


An established agency with a regional presence in Asia, Comnet Solutions has met and surpassed clients’ needs since 2006. They specialise in website design and development, crafting e-commerce solutions, digital marketing services, as well as mobile sites and app design. They also constantly benchmark their standards to continually deliver top-notch results.



Comnet Solutions has a well-established portfolio, ranging from luxury car brands to national tourist attractions and hospitality clients, making them well-equipped to handle your business’ e-commerce needs.


15. Alpha Web


Alpha Web specialises in CMS and creating e-commerce websites. They place a priority on designing functional, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing websites that are SEO-optimised, making online purchases and shopping a breeze for customers.



With clients across engineering and logistics, from restaurants to education; Alpha Web also offers some of the most competitive prices while not skimping on quality, making them the perfect option for start-ups on a modest budget.


16. Awebstar Technologies


Awebstar Technologies utilises various established platforms, such as WooCommerce, to deliver customised and streamlined web solutions for clients’ e-commerce needs. They feature web design and development, WordPress CMS management, mobile app development, as well as digital marketing services. 



They also feature other additions to spruce up clients’ websites, ranging from chat-bot development to Shopify development as well as Google Ads Services, helping to improve customers’ shopping experience.


17. Innomedia Technologies


From small online stalls to sweeping shopping sites, Innomedia Technologies and their capable web designers deliver a smooth e-commerce experience for their clients’ customers. They tap into their expertise on various e-commerce solutions, such as Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and Prestashop.



Some of their e-commerce features include flexible pricing for items on sale, SEO-friendly web design, as well as regular analytics and intuitive backend support for clients to maintain their own site. Streamline your e-commerce experience with Innomedia Technologies today.


18. Webz Fusion


Delivering high performance digital solutions, Webz Fusion is a complete-service digital agency with a dynamic team of creatives. They are ideal for start-ups, offering packages that include e-commerce and web development, web and mobile app design, digital marketing, as well as business analysis and consulting.



They pride themselves on strong connections with their clients, as well as applying the latest trends and ideas for your business needs, making them a great choice for up-and-coming businesses.


19. Creative eWorld


As a certified Pre-approved@SMEs Go Digital Vendor, Creative eWorld stands ready to help SMEs tap into government grants and embrace e-commerce. They offer customised e-Shop website packages at different rates, allowing clients to bolster their business and add features according to their budget and requirements.



In addition, Creative eWorld also offers other services such as web design, mobile app development, CMS support, as well as e-catalogue websites and a full suite of digital marketing options.


20. Jankosoft


Specialising in web and mobile app development, Jankosoft has made waves in the Asia Pacific region, crafting e-commerce sites to help businesses expand their reach outside Singapore and beyond. They include features such as customer loyalty and rewards, as well as multi-currency transactions and multi-language options, leaving a good impression on your customers.



Jankosoft also provides web and mobile app design, CMS services, as well as digital marketing services. Visit their website to see some of their successful solutions and products!


21. UtoMedia


UtoMedia is a digital solution provider that specialises in creative and interactive website design and development, along with digital marketing services. They believe in leveraging technology to streamline and transform the operations of businesses of all sizes.



Their e-commerce clients range from floral to food production businesses, and from fashion to bespoke jewelry. With such a wide spectrum of clients, UtoMedia is a solid choice for your e-commerce and web development requirements.


22. Global Dot Com


A boutique brand agency, Global Dot Com believes in the power of digital. Their spectrum of services range from e-commerce web development to CMS, digital marketing, as well as graphic design and end-to-end branding. Their e-commerce features include multistore management, automatic tax configuration, as well as exchange rate synchronisation for overseas customers.



Global Dot Com also prioritises customers’ experience and a client-centric focus, ensuring a top-notch collaboration with them that’s sure to surpass your business expectations.


23. Web Imp


Founded in 2014, Web Imp is an award winning full suite tech firm with a firm belief in quality and ethics to deliver impactful solutions for businesses. At the intersection of design, marketing, and technology, they offer e-commerce and web development, web and mobile app development, as well as digital marketing.



Web Imp’s digital strategists stand ready to assist you in tapping into a global audience and scale up your business, hook customers’ attention with intuitive and optimised platforms, as well as help you manage your website efficiently.


24. Exiga Software Solutions


One of Singapore’s leading web development agencies, Exiga Software Solutions crafts end-to-end e-commerce systems that facilitate communication, automation, and usability, amongst others. They also offer CMS services, web design and development, as well as web and mobile app development.



Exiga Software Solutions has a sizable client base across Singapore and Malaysia, ranging from interior design to maintenance. They also offer a variety of integration options from established sites, such as Google and Amazon.


25. Webpuppies


With 20 years of experience and thousands of successful projects, Webpuppies is synonymous with reliability and constant innovation. They empower businesses to take advantage of new opportunities, crafting e-commerce platforms using established templates, such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, helping to boost brand awareness and revenue.



As a trusted technology provider for various government organisations and MNC brands, Webpuppies also provides creative web design, along with mobile, web, software, and VR development.


26. Nerb.


An acronym for ‘now everyone reaches better’, Nerb. is a small but driven web design company that focuses helping companies grow their digital outreach. Their services include e-commerce web development featuring both Facebook Store integration and subscription payments, as well as web design and development.



Nerb. also offers admin training to clients, helping them learn how to manage their store and update their catalogue, as well as how to launch promotions to drive increased sales.


27. Creative-T


Creative-T offers web design and e-commerce development services, with highly competitive packages for web design that start at as low as $500. They also offer logo design and branding options to build clients’ image, and also offer animation services for a variety of needs; from corporate videos to ad films.



With a wide range of clients including health industries and F&B, Creative-T is a solid choice for companies seeking affordable yet quality e-commerce solutions.


28. Orfeo Story


First founded in 2011 before arriving in Singapore, Orfeo Story combines creative vision and strategic thinking to develop avant-garde digital experiences for businesses. They implement various elements, such as data visualisation to help track customers’ buying behaviours and patterns, AI automation of product recommendations and assisting clients’ queries, and customer grouping to allow the implementing of diverse marketing strategies.



Orfeo Story’s other services include website design and applying CRM, along with brochure and logo design as well.




These are the top 28 e-commerce web development companies in Singapore. Consider getting in touch with them to better understand their strengths, as well as how they can best address your e-commerce business needs.


Visit our blog for more helpful web design and development tips. Alternatively, you may contact our SEO company in Singapore at +65 6391 0930.

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