Top 8 e-Commerce Website Development Companies in Singapore

Apr 02 2020

Top 8 e-Commerce Website Development Companies In Singapore

Written by Carlo Angelo Suñga

Online shopping is becoming more prevalent worldwide nowadays. Statistics predict that there will be around 2.05 billion online shoppers this 2020, which is already 25% of the entire population.


No doubt, the numbers will continue to grow. But while the e-commerce industry will adjust to the increasing demands of digital buyers, one thing will remain the same: the importance of website design and development.


Websites, mainly in the e-commerce industry, offer a lot of exclusive features that cater to online shoppers. Some of these include:


  • Wishlist
  • Shopping cart
  • Transparent transactions
  • Payment options
  • Customer-to-seller communication


With these features, it’s no wonder why web development is such a vital aspect for e-commerce stores and SEO overall. That’s why you need all the help you can get in developing your e-commerce website.


Here are some of the top e-commerce website development companies in Singapore that can lend you a helping hand.



Top 8 E-Commerce Web Development Companies


1. eFusion Technology


eFusion Technology (or eFusion) is one of the leading e-commerce web design and development companies in Singapore. Founded in 2004, eFusion offers various in-house web design services, and you can count on them to create a quality e-commerce website for your business.



If cutting-edge and user-friendly features are what you’re looking for, then eFusion Technology is the company you need. They specialise in customising e-commerce websites with streamlined options tailored for you and your customers. Not to mention, regardless of your services or merchandise, eFusion can utilise their effective shopping cart solutions for different categories of e-commerce.


2. Firstcom Solutions


Since 2010, Firstcom Solutions has been developing websites with real-time, data-driven analytics in mind. With Firstcom as your partner, you don’t need to focus on accomplishing administrative tasks. Their goal is to build a website that lets you run your business with ease. 



Get in touch with Firstcom Solutions to find out how you can create a 24/7 gateway for your store that digital buyers can access anytime, anywhere.


3. White Paper Communications


If you’re looking for all-around web development services, White Paper Communications (WPC) has got it all. They’ve proven themselves to be on top of their game with a clientele that includes Singapore’s leading brands, such as DHL and Ansac Technology.




WPC employs trained and experienced certified web developers who can make sure your e-commerce website will stand out from your competition. After all, their objective is to utilise their creative web skills and build a unique website for clients. Rest assured that with WPC, you’ll create a responsive and adaptive website tailored to your needs.


4. CodiGeeks


In the e-commerce industry, you need to optimise your website for mobile use since many consumers are mobile-users. Fortunately, you can trust CodiGeeks to develop a responsive website for mobile phones.



CodiGeeks are one of the leading e-commerce web design and development companies that specialise in creating mobile-friendly websites. Not only can they incorporate creative web design trends, but also help you build a website that will run smoothly across all devices.


5. Elves Lab


Elves Lab is another leading web development company in Singapore that’s been around for 18 years. With almost two decades of experience, you can be sure they’re exceptional skills in web design are everything you need to build an SEO-friendly e-commerce website.


View their packages to see how much your budget can afford. Each package offers special needs depending on the rate per hour or job. 




Thinking of taking your online store to an international level? Perhaps SMMILE is the right web development company for you. They’ll help you categorise your items, so shoppers have an easy time finding what they need. Not to mention, SMMILE offers features that can let you accept payments worldwide.



With multiple payment modes and shipping options, you’ll have endless opportunities to create a wide-scale online store. Get in touch with SMMILE if you’re interested in selling your products online to both local and foreign customers.


7. iCreationsLab


iCreationsLab has been active for 15 years, and the company continues to help clients achieve their goals in the e-commerce industry. Managing an online store can be challenging, but with iCreationsLab by your side, you can rest assured knowing they’ll make it easy for you.



The goal of iCreationsLab is to create user-friendly e-commerce websites for clients and digital buyers alike. Consider their services if you’re planning to build a shopping site with accessibility as your primary objective.


8. Notion Age Pte. Ltd


Trying to find someone who’s  experienced and trained for years? You can choose Notion Age, a veteran company that’s been around since 2001. Notion Age and their web designers know everything there is about website development.



You can create an e-commerce website from scratch with Notion Age that will focus on aesthetics and performance. They even offer interactive web design services that include quizzes, animated web banners, and online surveys.




These are the top 8 e-commerce web development companies in Singapore. Consider getting in touch with each one to know them more until you find the right company for your online business!


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