Top Modern Sources of SEO Training Today

Everyone has got to start somewhere. The great SEO professionals of today weren’t born with the expertise they currently possess. It’s hard-earned work, as well as persistent investments on training courses for SEO. Frankly speaking, they started from the bottom, with aspirations and ambition, until they were able to develop the skills they needed to soar higher above the rest.


It won’t happen overnight, but participating in training courses and self-studying can propel you towards the ultimate goal of having the right set of skills to carry out various SEO techniques. SEO is a continuous learning journey. Knowing where to look for knowledge to keep your SEO skills sharp and be always updated to new and better innovations ins search is a very important part of being an SEO.  Here, we’ll provide you with the best blogs that give courses for beginners and advanced trainees.



Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is the go-to publication for digital marketing news updates, upcoming events, and advice. They do not directly provide training courses but they do announce SEM conferences which provide training courses on Google Adwords and the like. The articles published on their official site revolved around the following topics: Google, SEO, SEM, Bing, local, social, retail, mobile, and so on.


You can subscribe to their daily newsletter or check out the variety of resources linked on their website. Through these things, you’ll have access to further information on the different channels provided by digital marketing. For added reference, Marketing Land—a sister publication of Search Engine Land—is also a good source of search marketing updates. They have more channels and they host a conference called SocialPro.




Moz was established in 2004 as an SEO consulting company. Their early contributions in the industry include launching PRO app in 2007, which is comprised of assistive tools for SEO work. They recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary last 2014, and by then they were able to launch programs of their own, namely PRO, Mozscape, web app, Moz Analytics, and Moz Local. Their social media content is brimming with links which will redirect you to informative articles on their website.


To put it simply, clicking on their links will give you a dose of SEO education in list format. They provide tips, guides, and further information on a variety of SEO topics which is a plus for people who are only beginning to learn about the digital marketing approach, as well as people who are stimulating their brain through self-studying. You can simply read through their published guides or avail of digital marketing training courses for a more hands-on experience.



Search Engine Journal

In 2003, Search Engine Journal was launched as an online source of wide-ranging search marketing content. Their contributors are comprised of digital marketing experts and, over the years, have established their content as a reputable source of news, tips, and guides on content marketing, paid search, social media, and SEO. Moreover, they also announce upcoming events such as conferences, forums, summits, and expos. This SEO blog also hosts their own event called SEJ Summit and they travel through various areas within the United States to spread advanced SEO knowledge. Their key speakers are founders of today’s SEO companies, innovators, and other highly-regarded professionals of the industry.



SEO By The Sea

If you’re looking for information about the latest search engine patents, SEO By The Sea by Bill Slawski is the place to go. Bill researches every single search engine patent he can have access on and translates it for all of us. Why are patented search tech important to study? Knowing about the latest news about them helps us internet marketers determine what search engines are now capable of. As well as determine what they might be capable of in the near future.


SEO Book

Founded way back in 2003 by Aaron Wall, SEO Book is a website that shares actionable insights on SEO and highlights important issues that link SEO to other aspects of the online world. This is all thanks to Aaron Wall’s writing. Letting us, the readers, the students of SEO, see the big picture is indeed very crucial for us to have a fighting chance online.



Webmaster World

Speaking of really old and immensely credible sources of SEO Trainings, Webmaster World is one of the oldest most trusted forums on topics connected to marketing online as a whole. This also includes a few lessons and information about web development. In this website, the best webmasters share their own thoughts and issues. Threads here often involve specific issues related to SEO with lessons coming from different people who are masters of their craft. By the way though, you would have to register on the site first to be able to join in with the discussions on the forum threads.



High Rankings

If you want to look for other forum sites much like Webmaster world, High rankings is one of them. This site also contains specific threads that have specific topics. Thick with information from real masters of SEO.



The Anatomy Of A Large-Scale Hypertextual Search Engine

Submitted by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin during their Ph D work in Stanford, this is in some sense, a blueprint of the original working model for Google. Though Google is now already bigger that what they started with years ago, understanding how it works will take you to the core of the processes of search engines. Plus, this is literally coming from Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It doesn’t get more credible than that.



Google’s SEO Guidelines

Lastly, knowing what Google’s public position is on a myriad of tactics website owners might want to employ is and always will be one of the most important things to do.


And so, there you go. These are but a few of the best SEO blogs so far. They’ll certainly provide you with beginner essentials but, as you go along, you’ll recognise intermediate and more advanced concepts which will be useful for your training and self-study. These websites will keep you updated with the latest news, guides, tips, and events where training courses are mostly being offered.