In the past, Facebook was the most widely used platform in Singapore until the Internet users started exploring other platforms including Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.


Today, LinkedIn has been steadily multiplying its user base to more than 500 million users in total. Being one of the world’s most connected countries on LinkedIn, Singapore boasts 2.3 million active users on the platform, making up nearly 40% of its population, the majority of which is made up of users between 25 to 24 years old.


As a business, the platform offers a wealth of marketing opportunities for your brand using:


  • LinkedIn Ads
  • LinkedIn Display Ads
  • Company Page Upgrades
  • Custom Groups; and
  • Partner Messages


Thus, understanding these statistics will be essential when devising an effective social media marketing for your business. As a digital marketing agency that offers social media marketing in Singapore, we’ve seen first-hand the challenges and difficulties in creating a marketing strategy that’s specific for the world’s largest professional network.


But, to help you position yourself as a thought leader in the industry, we’ve created this guide that shares everything you need to know to make LinkedIn for your business.


Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile

The first order of business is, of course, to set up your LinkedIn Business Profile. While creating a company page is easy, the challenge is how you can actually use it to build brand awareness and promote your products and services to the platform. Here’s a helpful step-by-step guide on creating a LinkedIn page.


Optimising your LinkedIn Profile

As soon as you register for an account, the work then begins to position yourself as a brand and shape how you want to be perceived. Here, you have two things to focus on:


  • Update Your Profile – Keeping your profile up to date is crucial if you want to continue to attract followers and remain relevant. Remember, an inactive profile is unattractive, so you want to keep your profile consistently updated to keep your brand on your follower’s sight. Some ways to do this include:


  1. Updating your Linked Profile with a new background image.


  1. Auditing the media content on your profile to make sure video or article links are still active.


  1. Revisiting your LinkedIn connections to remove anyone irrelevant in terms of building your brand.


  1. Checking your page to make sure that all updates are correct.


  • Optimise Your Profile – Another thing you can do is to optimise your LinkedIn profile to further increase its visibility. You want to make sure you position yourself as an industry leader and probably the best way to do so is to publish content that’s tailored to your audience’s needs and interests.


Some other things you can do include:


  1. Publishing company updates your audience will find interesting


  1. Promoting your page to attract followers


  1. Create LinkedIn Showcase pages for specific products to tailor your message for different customer segments.


On top of all these, you can also use a video to provide an overview of who your brand is and what it does. LinkedIn would also be a great place to share your company’s good track record, highlighting its certifications and other awards.


Advertising on Your LinkedIn Profile

Besides offering a platform to get your business out there, LinkedIn is also a great tool for target marketing. The site offers a wide range of advertising tools which include LinkedIn ads and LinkedIn Matched Audiences – the primary tools that allow you to market directly to audiences who may be interested with your brand the most.


In specific, LinkedIn Matched Audiences allows you to reach people you already know with website, contact, and account targeting. The tool is available for all LinkedIn ad products which also include Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and other ad formats.


There are also three relatively new targeting capabilities such as:


  • Website Retargeting – Enables you to market LinkedIn members who previously visited your website.
  • Contact Targeting – Lets you upload your contact list to create a customised audience for your business.
  • Account Targeting – Allows you to reach decision-makers within your target accounts.


LinkedIn ads are great for reaching SMEs. But, to make it work, you should enable the “Company Size’ filter so you can target the companies that are most likely to sign up for your products or services. The problem, however, is that many businesses with 50 or fewer employees have yet to realise the advantage of having a LinkedIn profile thus, don’t have a presence on the site.


Nevertheless, LinkedIn offers vast opportunities to go after people who are likely to show interest in your business. Having that said, allow us to leave you with a few tips on how to further boost your chances of success with LinkedIn.


1. Get your employees to connect with your LinkedIn Page

According to LinkedIn, employees have about 10 times more first-degree connections than a business has followers. Remember, your employees are your first step to growing your audience. They are your biggest advocates and by adding them as followers, you can expand your reach tremendously.


2. Publish valuable content

As previously mentioned, the most effective way to grow your audience is to provide them with valuable content on a regular basis. The platform recommends posting at least once a week. In addition to beefing up your page, it also instantly puts you on top of your followers’ news feeds.


NOTE: While at it, you might as well include rich media to your content to make it a standout. A YouTube video link on LinkedIn content is suggested to increase the share rate by 75%.


3. Join LinkedIn Groups

To conclude, don’t forget to participate in LinkedIn Groups that connects you with other professionals and businesses in the field as well as with those that are outside of your circle. By doing so, your chances of attracting more views are increased.


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