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The pandemic has changed Singapore, not only in terms of public safety, but it also affected the way we run businesses. The good news is that online shopping has risen in popularity over the last few months, perhaps even more than what we were expecting last year.


Let’s take a look at the current state of online shopping in Singapore and discover how you adopt the latest trends for your digital marketing campaign.



The Current State Of Online Shopping In Singapore

Current State of Online Shopping in Singapore


Gone are the days when you have to visit a store in person to buy a new pair of jeans. As long as you know the right fit, then you can shop online for high-quality clothes with ease.


Local brands like OneOrchard are making huge waves this 2020, and they will continue to grow and gain exposure as more people buy clothes from online stores. Expect more local fashion brands to rise in popularity this upcoming year.


2. Most People Prefer Cashless Payments

When it comes to online shopping, you cannot deny that it is more convenient than buying in person. One good reason to go online shopping is the option to pay via credit or debit card. With online payments, you can purchase your products without having to use cash, making it more convenient to go shopping.


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In Singapore, the most preferred payment method is through credit or debit cards. Surprisingly, cash on delivery is the least preferred method of payment. In that case, perhaps you can take advantage of the situation by offering more cashless payment methods for your customers?


3. Half Of Online Shoppers Are Mobile Users

According to Statista, there are around 4.65 million smartphone users in Singapore. For that reason, you can expect more online shoppers to purchase their goods from mobile phones and devices.  Furthermore, more than half of Singaporean online shoppers are mobile users, so keep that in mind when selling your products digitally.



Online Shopping In 2020: A Year-end Review

2020 is about to end, yet it feels like a decade has already passed. Not surprisingly, a lot of things have changed since the start of the new decade, no thanks to COVID-19. The digital marketing industry had to go through a few lapses and adapt to change brought by the pandemic.


A few months ago, we talked about the current trends that surfaced during the beginning of 2020. For instance, we discovered that middle-class consumers are leading the way for eCommerce growth, with more than 4 million online shoppers as online sales break records. Plus, with AI being a significant asset and the Internet as a source of information for most people, there is no doubt that eCommerce is dominating the marketplace in 2020.


Summary Of Online Shopping Trends For 2020:

  • Most online shoppers are middle-class consumers
  • The Internet is a source of information for many people
  • Businesses are using artificial intelligence to boost sales


However, looking back at these trends from the present day, can we still say that these trends have shaped the eCommerce industry for the better? Yes, despite COVID-19 affecting most businesses in 2020, the pandemic has proven that online shopping should be part of the norm. As a result, online shopping is becoming more prevalent than ever before.


For example, online sales gained a tremendous boost in November, as more retailers and department stores sell their products digitally. The downside is that Singapore retail has suffered from a 4% decline in sales.



We have come a long way since the start of 2020. On the bright side, the future is looking more hopeful for the eCommerce industry. Online shopping is becoming more prevalent, and retailers have better chances of boosting sales by selling their products online.


Be on the lookout for these top four online shopping for 2021:


1. Local Brands Are On The Rise

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has proven, it is the fact that online shopping is convenient and usually cheap. Fortunately, local brands are rising in popularity lately, with more people shopping for high-quality goods made and distributed by Singaporean manufacturers.


Due to the rising popularity of local brands in Singapore, improving your SEO for local search results is becoming increasingly vital as well. Launch a local SEO campaign to reach customers based on proximity.


2. Video Marketing

High-quality ads and commercials have always been a staple for digital marketing. After all, most people are attracted to well-designed animations or videos, so it only makes sense to start an effective video marketing campaign.


One good reason why video marketing works for eCommerce is that commercials or interactive videos are the best way to showcase your products online. High-quality images alone are not enough to convince your customers that your products are worth buying. In that case, you can create interactive videos that let customers know more about your products.


3. Augmented Reality

If you want your customers to view your products in the best way possible, try implementing augmented reality (AR). AR is becoming popular once again, and more brands are showcasing their products.


For example, Ikea uses AR for their app to let customers know what their favourite home furniture and furnishings will look like at their very own homes. All you have to do is open the app, point your camera in any direction, and click on a product of your choice to visualize its appearance, size, and shape. Perhaps you can do the same for your products by using AR for your business?


Consider using AR to give your customers an unparalleled experience when demonstrating your products. It is the best way for your customers to get a closer look at your products without laying a hand at all.


4. Social Media Shopping Is Evolving

Online stores such as Shopee, Lazada, and Qoo10 are still the most popular eCommerce websites, but did you know that Facebook and Instagram are becoming a fan-favourite as well?


Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have their very own online shopping platform. Expect these social media shopping sites to improve in terms of eCommerce.




These are just some of the latest trends that you may want to consider for your digital marketing campaign in 2021! If you need help in creating effective SEO strategies, get in touch with an SEO company soon.


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