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May 22 2020

OOm Interview Series: Jay Kwek on the Digital Marketing Landscape and Tips for Businesses

Starring Jay Kwek and Esther Koh


Esther: Hi Everyone! Thank you for tuning in to our Zoom interview today. I hope that all of you are doing alright during this circuit breaker period. I’m Esther and we have Jay here with us today. He manages OOm’s team of Account Managers who work directly with our clients, to understand your business objectives as well as to have them optimize their digital campaigns.Welcome Jay!


Jay: Hi!


Esther: Hello! So we just want to find out from you, right, with the current pandemic as well as the circuit breaker situation, How do you think this has impacted the digital landscape?


Jay: In this bizarre and weird time, I feel that everyone is dependent on things online, we see great opportunities in the digital landscape. According to gov.sg, close to 80% of Singapore’s population are staying at home majority of their time due to tele communicating or suspended operations. And according to Strait Times, about 60% increase in traffic, internet traffic data, ever since the circuit breaker started. As a result, business have a captive audience that they can catch for digital marketing.


Esther: So with that, which industries do you think should step up on their digital marketing efforts and why do you think so?


Jay: I think there are a few essential services, they should invest on digital marketing particularly, the ones I want to highlight is F&B(Food & Beverage) Industry, definitely. I feel there’s a big necessity to ramp up their digital marketing efforts so that the opportunities to not go to your competitors. Other than F&B, I think there are a few essentials. One is pest control, cleaning and disinfection, electricity and gas, storage, laundry services, plumbers, electricians, and repair services, just in case anything breaks down. Other than that, I feel that home fitness equipments, definitely one and working tables. As you can see Decathlon and IKEA right?


One story I want to share is I tried to buy workout equipments but as I was searching online, everything’s all sold out. But my friend was doing some workouts on Instagram and he’s just sharing his workouts and I’m just wondering where did he get his equipment from, right? And then he was sharing with me a platform, actually a website, there’s 2 stocks there. So to my knowledge, I realised that the company is not doing any SEM(Search Engine Marketing) and SEO(Search Engine Optimisation). Therefore, I think there is a lot of opportunity lost there. So, yeah, that’s my take on home fitness equipment. Other than that, actually I’m quite guilty of something, I just bought some stuff online, so for that, I think retail industry, definitely, room to, actually, invest on dollars in digital marketing there. If let’s say you have an e-commerce platform, I think you can, you know, push out some Google Ads, Facebook Ads, for sure.


And if you don’t have an e-commerce platform maybe it’s time to consider moving towards that direction because, what I feel is that when the economy opens, I don’t think everyone is able to just roam around freely, you know, and see the malls and hangout, and do your shopping there. I think there would be some restrictions definitely people is gonna stay home, right? and shop online or maybe like F&B, let’s say your selling cakes and you need to purchase like a birthday cake really fast, e-commerce is the way to go so yeah, that’s my take.


Esther: Yeah, I agree with you. I’ve been actually doing a lot more online shopping ever since the circuit breaker started.


Jay: (nods agreeingly)


Esther: So according to what you have shared, there are actually a lot of opportunities that digital marketing can bring for businesses out there during this period of time. So practically, can you share what are some of the digital marketing actions that businesses can take?


Jay: Definitely, putting yourself out there and putting yourself out there. I feel like running ads is the way to go running some SEM campaigns definitely one if let’s say you have a video to introduce to potential customers what you’re brand is about. I think that’s great to put your ad on YouTube. Other than that, I feel that everyone is on social media anyway. So, running Facebook Ads especially, running Instagram Ads is critical right now but, so that is for the paid medium. If we would like to consider, like, organic rankings, if you have a website, I think it’s [an] opportunity to look into running SEO. If you don’t have a website, it is time to consider creating a website looking at e-commerce platform. SEO is not gonna be an overnight thing. It’s gonna be a long run, takes time to build, to bring up your website. So, definitely look into that.


Esther: Thanks for sharing Jay, it has been a very insightful conversation and yeah, it’s been great having you on our video.


Jay: Yup! Thanks, thanks, Thank you!


Esther: Yeah so, for businesses out there who are looking for some help with digital marketing we would be happy to talk to you and give some advice so you can reach out you can reach out to us by emailing support@oom.com.sg or you can also call us at 6391 0930 for a non-obligatory consultation. So thank you all for joining us today. Stay Safe! And we hope to see you in our next video. Buh-Bye!


Jay: Right, See you! Bye!

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