Website Maintenance Services

With the ever-changing digital landscape, the management of your website does not stop after design and development. Constant improvements of your website is essential even after it goes live in order for you to have an edge over your competitors.

What’s included in our website maintenance service?

We help you to maintain your website so that you can have a peace of mind running your business. The following is a breakdown of the web maintenance services that we cover to keep your website running optimally.


Page Speed Optimisation

The speed of your website is affected each time new content is added. We will monitor and optimise the loading speed of your website frequently to make sure that it is always running at full capacity on all devices.

Add, Edit or Remove Content

We can assist to improve the aesthetics and user experience of the website with insights or feedbacks that we encounter along the way.

Change Contact Forms

We can help you to change the details in the contact forms based on new information that you wish to collect.

Monthly Backup

OOm’s website maintenance services ensures that your website’s information will be backed up every month so information will not be lost.

WordPress Version and Plugin Upgrade

Should there be updates that can improve the performance of your website, OOm is always up to date with the necessary plugins and tools.

Site Administration and Password Management

Here at OOm, we ensure that your website is secure with our password management and site administration services.

In-House Graphic Designers

With the advantage of in-house graphic designers, we bridge the communication gap with our clients by finding out their expectations first-hand. Our professional team is well-versed in managing your campaigns, so you can rest assured and focus your time on other areas of your business.

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