WeChat Marketing and Advertising

WeChat boasts a total of 1.15 billion monthly active users as of Q3 2019. If you wish to market your business to China, you simply cannot ignore the importance of using WeChat as a marketing and advertising platform for your business.

WeChat Official Accounts (OA) That We Have Set Up

You Have Full Rights and Ownership to The WeChat Official Account

We might have taken part in setting up your verified WeChat Official Account, but rest assured that you would have the full account ownership to the WeChat account that we have set up.

What We Offer

WeChat is one of the most widely-used messaging apps in China. With this, it offers a great opportunity for you to introduce your business to WeChat users in China. At OOm, we are able to help you with WeChat Marketing, from creating a WeChat Official Account (OA) to advertising and gaining followers on WeChat. This opens doors for your business to extend its reach to the China audience. Below is a summary of what we can do for WeChat Marketing:

Verified WeChat Official Account (OA)

We can assist you to setup a verified WeChat Official Account (OA) for your business. You will need an WeChat OA account if you wish to get followers and do advertising on WeChat.

WeChat Official Account (OA) Management

After your WeChat OA account is setup, you can get us to manage your WeChat account. We will assist to post content and reply questions or comments from your followers.

WeChat Advertising and Ads Management

Our team is trained in all forms of WeChat Advertising solutions and is highly skilled to assist you to grow your business with WeChat.

WeChat Pay Setup for Business

We can assist to setup WeChat Pay for your business so that you can start accepting payment through WeChat. If you are running a retail or e-commerce business and is looking to do business with the Chinese, you cannot do without WeChat Pay.

Mini Program Setup

Aside from setting up your WeChat account, we can also set up your Mini Program, a sub-application under WeChat where you can use other advanced features like e-commerce, task management, and more!

Translation Services

With our English speaking campaign managers, we will take your English content and work with our China team to translate your content into Chinese.

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