What’s Hot: Web Design Trends You Should Look Out for This 2020

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There might be a lot of changes in today’s digital marketing as we are now entering another year. However, we think that our reliance on websites will never, ever change anytime soon, at least in the foreseeable future. Especially now that Google is becoming stricter with what site owners and other content marketers put on the search engine, you must now also step up and enhance your website according to what 2020 is asking for.


To this day, websites remain to be the domain used by all those who want to be seen online. Besides, where else would they be? Today, we’re gonna share with you a few things about web trends that you might look into from what Nick Babich has mentioned in his article and from what 99designs Team have speculated, so your online presence would be relevant even with the changing times. You need to always stay relevant especially with the changing trends on web design especially now in 2020, technical responsibilities seem endless. Designers might go all out or reinvent past styles. The sky is the limit when it comes with experimentation. With this said, here are some of the web design trends that you can consider as we welcome a new decade of the millennia:



Emotional Design


How timely that just yesterday, we talked about emotional marketing and people become more immersed in anything that they feel strongly in. The same goes for design and yes, websites. Arousing your users’ emotions has been one of the effective ways for you to communicate with them. Since how a website is designed is a big factor for users today, some site owners also incorporate piquing emotions as a way of having their brand retained on the users. Today, different companies are dropping neutral designs and are starting to add a bit of emotional impact. Here’s a sample that Babich got for us:




Dark Mode


A lot of sites and even social media platforms have opened the option for night mode or dark mode. It cannot be denied that today, people are growing busier and busier. They would only scroll the Internet or their social media accounts whenever they would get the chance. During these moments, they would already feel the tiredness catching up so to ease this up a bit, most designers choose to have a dark mode option to rest the eyes of the users. More than this, dark mode makes the elements on your website pop and also look so sleek.



Data Visualization


You may have heard from our recent blogs that Google is now making its SERPs more friendly for users as they incorporate a less text-heavy layout, particularly on our blog about SEO trends this 2020. Google now presents information in a format that’s more pleasing to the eyes and is easier to understand. Web designs this 2020 would probably incorporate the same tactic that they would start presenting data in a more visually-pleasing manner. If it’s presented visually, people understand data more.



Scroll-Generated Websites

Today, users love interaction, even with websites. With this, site owners incorporate this and provide a better web experience for these users with scroll-generated websites. These websites are able to track the progress of the users as the power of motion and animated effects become more appealing and dynamic. These add an extra layer of meaning and makes it retain to users more.



Solid Framing And Asymmetry

Structure is out, riot is in. Gone are the days when we follow a unified structure because apparently, asymmetry and solid framing are becoming the trend. These imperfections also contribute to making the brand identity more unique. However, just because the designs are asymmetrical does not mean it looks unruly. The key here is to know order itself before you can experiment and create more catchy designs.



3D Elements

Web designs today are now more up-close and personal as designers incorporate 3D elements that add a bit of flair to websites. With the right technology, this becomes more possible. More than this, it also proves to be quite expensive. This 3D design phenomenon on websites is ushered by more cost-effective options when it comes with VR.


Here are just some of the web designs that we think are going to be big this coming 2020. By the looks of it, 2020 will surely be an exciting year not only for users and site owners, but also for web designers. Web designers can now exercise a freer way of designing websites, given that they still retain the identity of the company. If you want a more focused team to work on your website, you can just seek a professional here in Singapore, like OOm. By outsourcing, you can now focus on your own processes, just as they would with the design of your website.

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