Digital marketing has come a long way. Whether on a national or global scale, businesses find ways to promote their products and services online. 


However, that is not the end of it. With customer behaviour continuously changing, businesses also have to adapt. Otherwise, they would not be able to connect and engage with their customers. That is where they have to utilise hyperlocal SEO.


Hyperlocal SEO is similar to local SEO. The only difference is that it is more intimate and closer to the target audience. Instead of adding a general location on your content, you would be more specific about where you want your customers to find you. 


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For example, in our case, if we want our target market to find our digital marketing agency, the geotag we would use is:


Digital marketing agency in Middle Road, Singapore


Rather than:


Digital marketing agency in Singapore


The first sentence allows our customers to know exactly where we are in Singapore, which is around or somewhere in Middle Road. 


To learn more about hyperlocal SEO and its importance to your business, keep reading to know the answers.

What Is Hyperlocal SEO?

Hyperlocal SEO is a digital marketing strategy that allows businesses to become more visible in search engines and attract customers from specific areas. Unlike local SEO, hyperlocal focuses on smaller scale locations. 


Like the example given above, you would not only mention the city, but you would also note the communities, streets or blocks of where your business is. Doing so should help them find your business on Google map.


In other words, local SEO is more on the broader side, while hyperlocal SEO is more on the specific side, and using it helps your business establish its prominence better. Here are the benefits you can get if you use hyperlocal SEO. 

3 Benefits of Hyperlocal SEO

1. Less Intimidating 

Promoting products and services in huge locations can be overwhelming. Besides many factors come into play, you would also have to consider the small details, and that can be tough to figure out where to start.


However, when you use hyperlocal SEO in your content marketing campaign, you only need to focus on a smaller scale. That means there will be fewer people and areas to consider and how you should raise the awareness of your brand in that specific location. 


2. Easier to Measure Success

With a smaller area to focus on, you would be able to understand your target audience. You would be able to know the demographic details of your target audience. As such, you would know how you can entice them to purchase the products or services from your business.


3. Good for Referral Business

As mentioned above, hyperlocal SEO allows you to become more intimate with your target market. You should know that if you did it right and give excellent service to your customers in that specific area, they would most likely refer to the people they know. And that helps strengthen your foothold and eventually expand your customer base.


That is why take advantage of hyperlocal SEO and make sure to include it in your content marketing campaign from time to time. Doing so might help you capture the attention of your local audience, even more like foodpanda.

Final Remarks

Hyperlocal SEO is the key to connect much closer to your target audience. You can either hyperlocalise your brand yourself or hire a digital marketing agency in Singapore to help you hyperlocalised your campaign. 


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