Why SEM?

If you are new to the world of online marketing, you would probably be confused by the bombardment of terms such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), etc.


Understanding the terms:

Search Engine Marketing This involves buying AdWords, which are keywords/phrases to be displayed on your advertisements. How much you are willing to spend on the keywords or phrases you want people to see can be controlled. Where you want your advertisement to be placed can also be chosen.



Search Engine OptimizationThis involves trying to improve the visibility of our webpage on search engines without paying. Different type of search such as image search, video search, and local search can be targeted. It is essential to understand how search engine works, and understand what people use to conduct their search and hence, search for. Optimizing your site involves editing the contents and HTML codes of your webpage, such that it can be properly indexed on search engines and promoting your webpage though links.


In this article, we would be focusing on why companies should engage in SEM. We would be sharing tips on how you can use SEM effectively in your online marketing campaign, so that you may enjoy the benefits that SEM can bring to you.


Goals of SEM


The main goal of SEM is to channel traffic from searches on specific keyword phrases on search engines. Basically, if you bid high enough on keywords and phrases, you can achieve your goal. You decide how much you want to spend, and hence, you control what keywords you deem is most relevant to your business to be displayed when searched on search engines. In addition, you are able to target specific keywords/phrases to direct your customers to specific pages of your site.


Why will it benefit you? 

A form of Search Engine Marketing will be using “Pay Per Click” advertisements. Hence, you as the advertiser would only need to pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. You will be sure that you are only paying for qualified traffic, where people actually clicks and do land up on your site. You are not just paying for your ad to be displayed (impressions). However, do that that this does not guarantee that the click would lead to any further actions.



Sponsored advertisement campaigns are another form of Search Engine Marketing. You are paying for your advertisement campaign banners to be strategically placed where relevant. These advertisements will be displayed when you are doing searches relevant to keywords which these advertisements target.


Both “Pay Per Click” and sponsored advertisements would guarantee your presence on the search engines. They are both an accurate form of lead generation, where you, the seller, may pitch your product or services to “willing audiences” while consumers are able to obtain information on the product/services they are looking for. As you determine how much s want to pay, SEM would definitely be able to meet your advertising budgets. They are both measurable methods, and you can easily track the progress of your campaign.


SEM – The right way for you

In conclusion, choosing the right keywords/phrases is the key to the success of your marketing campaign. SEM is a great way of injecting your presence of your business on the internet, and spreading your promotions to your potential customers. Why hesitate? Engage in SEM for your business today!