Why You Should Link Back To Products & Services Pages


There is a certain level of artistry when you think about how link building works. Each part and action that occurs in it, when performed properly, has a deeper meaning.

Unless of course you just link back randomly.

Today we’ll be talking about why you should link back to your specific product and service pages.

Let’s start off with our Keywords. Choosing keywords to target mostly begins with determining what your products and services are and later on, deriving your keywords from those. So ideally, why not link back to those pages when you do build links later on? Most of the links we see back then were mostly going back to the home page only. And that’s not entirely a bad thing, most times you do need to go and link to the main page of your site. This leads the searcher to the main section of your website and gives more strength to the home page. Linking back to the home page itself makes the site as a whole, in a way, more related to these terms and keywords.

The only problem here is that, if you do this way too much, you will be forcing your searcher to go to a page that can be very far from what he or she was previously reading. Imagine reading

“..where you should be buying the best sets of cell phone cases in Singapore”

then it links back to the home page where you would still need to navigate your way to the part where that specific product is.


That’s the whole problem of linking back to just the home page all the time. Doing this will just force the searcher or visitor to go through every page of your site just to find a specific product or service. If in case you’re actually after the branding part and making sure you get to introduce the website to a greater number of people, linking back to just the home page is okay. But for specific keywords like that’s centered on specific services and products, nope. It’s a waste of effort.

Let’s say you have specific keywords you plan to rank on. If you have landing pages that’s directly relevant to those terms, it’s a logical move that you utilize them  when you do your link building.

Why is this so? Because of relevance. Remember why relevance is a good thing? The more relevant your keyword and link is to the topic or literal search term, the better chances you’ve got on ranking and if you’re super lucky, be featured on one of those expandable featured snippets.

If you do get the time to do so as well, check with tools that get the rankings of your keywords. Most of them will have a feature that includes which landing pages your keywords are ranking with. Here you will find that specific service or product related keywords are ranking directly with pages they’re derived from. Google is already doing this and using relevant pages to rank keywords with. So instead of going against the flow, why not use that force to your advantage?

Another benefit of linking back to your service and product pages is if you do this, you will easily direct your target audience to a specific service or product, ready for purchase. Why let them wander around your site if you can already send them straight to what they want to see and purchase? Sure, having traffic to the site is a good thing. But you also will need to balance out the experience that they will get once they decide to go and try to purchase a product or service from you.

Always try to vision what your audience’s behaviour and response would be when you create these links. Are you sure that you will be sending them to where you want them to go? or are you just baiting them to go to a certain page. Thinking about the SEO side of things is one thing. But thinking about your audience is another.