WordPress Widgets: Why They’re Important For Your Website

Have you ever gone to an exclusive, fashionable party wearing nothing but a sleeveless shirt and boxers? If you have, I bet no one even dared entertain you unless they were the police.


This is pretty much the same as when you’re creating your website: You want people (a.k.a the consumers)  to notice you in the vast and large online market, so what you need to do is dress up and look insanely awesome. In the online world, your website is your brand’s personality. It’s the virtual store that virtual customers enter and, depending on their experience, would either make them a support of your brand or a hater.


So, how do you dress up your website? With pictures, texts, impeccable navigation and… Widgets!




Wait! What Are widgets?

If you’re new to web development or you’ve never created a website before, web widgets can be a foreign object to you. But widgets are really important if you want your website to be as interactive as possible to your customers and website visitors.


Widgets are stand-alone applications that can be added to a page. Widgets either add entertainment to the webpage, like creating a small screen that shows your social media posts or provides convenience for your users, like providing a button to your Instagram page.


Widgets are like accessories you add to your body so that people will be enticed and attracted to you.



Other Than Making My Website Look ”Nice”, How Else Do Widgets Help My Website?

Other than aesthetics, there are also advantages in using widgets on your website. Here are some advantages:



Some widgets help divert traffic into your website through affiliate marketing. These widgets promote your brand on other websites and create a direct backlink to your site. So when visitors click on the widget from another website, they are directed to your website easily.



Revenue is another advantage that widgets can bring to your website, especially through affiliate marketing.

When you partner up with another company and become an affiliate marketer for them, you earn revenue when you get people to sign up with your partner company through your website. You could use the extra revenue to increase your brand’s reach or use it for freebie marketing.



Market Research

Some specific widgets also provide website owners pertinent information about website visitors that would help website owners know more about the customer’s behaviour and their browsing activities. These widgets often track visitor’s activities through cookies and take note of what web pages they visited and what forms they filled up when they were on your website.


Dangers Of Widgets

While Widgets have their good, they also have their bad side.

When not used properly, widgets can become a tool used to mislead people or breach their security. Things like not telling your visitors that your website use cookies, or using black hat SEO coding on the widgets will get you negative feedback from visitors and you could lose potential customers.


Why Use Widgets On WordPress?

One of the beauties of using WordPress as your CRM is that they offer a lot of different widgets and they are compatible with most third-party widgets available on the web.


Widgets like “Jetpack by WordPress” and “Akismet anti-spam” are just some vital widgets you can have on your website when you use WordPress are your CRM. Using efficient widgets on your website may result in better quality traffic with a high potential of converting visitors into paying customers. And if you use the proper widgets on your site, you can expect a large volume of traffic into your website for a long time.


Use Widgets Now

When it comes to building your website, comfort and interactivity are just some of the crucial spots you need to have on your web development checklist. It’s important that your website had just the right amount of widgets or else your website will slow down because of too may background applications.


Building a website and knowing what widgets to put in it will require experience and knowledge on SEO and digital marketing. If your skills in these areas are not as sharp as you think, it would be best to hire a competent SEO team to help you out.