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iCafé coffee by BonCafé is a ready-to-drink coffee that aims to provide consumers with great tasting quality coffee that can be consumed anytime, anywhere. In 2011, BonCafé repackaged their iCafé brand and needed to attract brand awareness. BonCafé engaged OOm to run a 1 month social media campaign on their Facebook page to increase brand awareness.

Facebook, being the largest and most popular social networking site, offers a platform that shares interactive content. Hence, it is the ideal place to generate buzz, increase engagement and boost fan count for the newly revamped iCafé coffee. BonCafé has an existing iCafé Facebook fan page, with a total of 82 fans. In order to generate awareness on the new packaging, we needed to grow the fan base.


In a short amount of time, our challenge was to increase iCafé’s Facebook fan page likes from 82 to 1000. In doing so, generating awareness of their new iCafe packaging. Engaging with the audience was also crucial to make sure our campaign remained sustainable long after our social media campaign.


Developing the Hook: We worked closely with BonCafé to develop the hook: A contest with attractive prizes to get people to visit the page. We launched a 1-month photo contest where participants were required to submit a photo of them with the product and post it on iCafé fan page wall. The entry with the most ‘Likes’ would be rewarded with an iPad 2. A total of 3 iPads would be given out, with Cathay movie vouchers and iPhone 4 casings as consolation prizes.In addition, we developed a customized Welcome Page and set it as a Fan Gate. A Fan Gate displays one type of content to Fans of the page, and a different type of content to non-Fans. Once they have become fans of the page, they were shown the content of the contest.

Generating the Awareness:
We ran ads on Facebook to drive word-of-mouth communication. Ad copies were written in a way to generate curiosity, with enticing call-to-action statements to get people to visit the fan page.

Sponsored Stories:
Sponsored Stories are stories that are eligible to appear in the News Feed. When someone liked the iCafé page, stories about their activity are generated in the News Feed, hence exposing iCafé to his or her network of friends and eventually a larger network of people. This enabled us to leverage on the fans’ network and reach out to more people.

Engagements and Conversations:
During the contest, participants uploaded their photos onto iCafé fan page wall and got their friends to like their photos. This generated interactivity within the page and free word-of-mouth for the brand. In addition, administrators of the page proactively answered questions by the fans and posted information on the wall to encourage more participants.


After 1 month, we managed to acquire a total of 7,214 fans (target is 1,000), with 2,617 talking about iCafé on Facebook.

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