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Hilton Gifts is a florist that has been in the industry for over 17 years. Hilton Gifts has over 700 floral arrangements & gifts. Their website has been up for quite some time but they have not gotten much conversion in terms of online sales from it. Due to this issue, they engaged OOm because of our expertise in SEO & SEM. OOm was able to identify their marketing challenges as well as develop strategies they needed to utilize.


The objective given to OOm is to increase the sales & traffic to the website. As the client does not have a physical store in Singapore, their main source of revenue comes from their website which greatly lacks brand awareness.


As their main source of revenue comes from their website, it is crucial for them to be able to track and study their online data to set goals and manage realistic expectations. Hence, OOm’s first step to rectify this issue is to help them set up Google Analytics for their website. With online tracking in place, we were able to set realistic goals and expectations for the digital campaigns that we were to run.

Concurrently, Hilton Gifts were advised to include more content on their website in order to improve their organic ranking. OOm managed an integrated SEO & SEM campaign to increase brand awareness and traffic to the website by improving their organic results positioning and brand exposure.


Most of the keywords surfaced in the search result after 6 months of SEO implementation despite being highly competitive and some were even ranked on first page of the SERP. Upon embarking on the campaign with OOm, Hilton Gift’s traffic from organic and paid search increased by more than 200% and online sales have seen an increase of more than 750%.

“We are so happy with the increase in our online sales and traffic. Good work OOm!”
– Michael, Director of Hilton Gifts Collection Pte Ltd

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