PSB Academy

PSB Academy


PSB Academy is one of the largest private education institutions in Singapore. With multiple partnerships with the world’s top educational institutions, they are committed to delivering world-class education to their students. PSB Academy came to us with the challenge to improve their search engine ranking through SEO..


The initial challenge we had was to compete with other equally established educational institutions and to achieve a wider market share in Google Organic ranking. After a year of optimizations, PSB Academy has also undergone a website revamp. OOm had to ensure that the stable and positive rankings achieved previously will not be greatly affected.


Offsite activities consisted of a branding and targeted keyword linking strategy. This strategy helped ensure that our anchor texts are natural and are carefully integrated with each post. With this in mind, we are also constantly aligning with regular updates from Google’s algorithms.


PSB Academy has achieved very strong and stable rankings for a majority of its keywords. Even though the campaign has shown fluctuations during the middle of 2014 caused by the revamp of the site, OOm has done preventive measures by minimizing the impact of the fluctuations. Search Engine Rankings have picked up gradually after the revamp and has now bounced back in rank by achieving all of the SEO optimized keywords in the top 2 pages of SERP.

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