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Why Xiao Hong Shu Marketing

Xiao Hong Shu is an up and coming social media, lifestyle app that is slowly taking the world by storm. With its rising popularity, businesses are starting to see the potential in Xiao Hong Shu advertising. Leveraging Xiao Hong Shu for marketing can generate greater brand awareness and online visibility, empowering your brand to get the recognition it deserves.

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    Xiao Hong Shu Features

    The features available in Xiao Hong Shu are comprehensive in its breadth and depth. Users can browse through their news feed, create their own content and explore the latest lifestyle trends via the ‘hot topic’ page.

    New Feed
    Content Post
    Hot Topic

    What We Offer

    Xiao Hong Shu is fast becoming an outlet for not just individuals but businesses to generate brand awareness. At OOm, we understand its prevalence and have thus developed a suite of service offerings as shown below to best optimise your brand for Xiao Hong Shu advertising and marketing.

    Business Account Setup and Verification

    Creating a business account is the first step to Xiao Hong Shu marketing. We expedite this process for you to ensure proper branding is achieved.

    Xiao Hong Shu Ads

    We assist you in all touchpoints of Xiao Hong Shu advertising, from ad creation to budgeting and ensuring the ads are targeted towards the relevant audience.

    Content Management

    Content is what keeps users engaged. We provide recommendations to plan, develop and manage your content, keeping your brand relevant and updated.

    Influencer Marketing

    We connect your brand to influencers who are well suited to promote your products and services.

    Xiao Hong Shu Marketing Portfolio

    Professionalism and expertise are key when engaging an agency to support you in Xiao Hong Shu marketing and advertising. With experience helping a variety of businesses across different industries, we are confident in delivering the best service possible.

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