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Training centre

OOm Institute is operated by the approved entity, OOm Pte Ltd.

116 Middle Road, ICB Enterprise House, 07-02/03/04
Singapore 188972


1 Grange Road,
Level Seven,
Singapore 239693

Series and Courses
  • WSQ Clicks To Conversions - Mastering Google Analytics
  • WSQ Mastering the Art of SEO - Unlocking the Power of SEO
  • WSQ Start a Successful Google Marketing Campaign
  • WSQ Dominating TikTok Marketing - Understanding TikTok Shop, Ads and Content Creation
  • WSQ Empower Your Brand Influence - Effective Content Strategies For Market Leadership
  • WSQ Mastering the Art of Social Media Marketing - Building a Powerful Social Media Presence
  • WSQ Boosting Efficiency and Content Strategy with Generative AI
  • WSQ Prompt Engineering Essentials: Building Effective AI Prompts