Google-Certified Strategists: OOm utilises circuit break to hone inhouse talents

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JULY 2020, SINGAPORE — OOm, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Singapore, has set another milestone for its employees. The award-winning SEO agency takes pride in utilising the current circuit breaker to upgrade the skills of their Paid Performance Strategists through Google Digital Guru Green Belt.


Known as the Basic Product Track, Green Belt certification participants explore media planning tools and engage in decision-making workshops to learn different techniques and strategies that can aid digital marketers to achieve their clients’ business goals. 


Designed to help their most valued agency partners, Google offers three levels of workshops and training to build expertise across Google’s complete suite of ads solutions. Introduced to their partner companies in Asia in 2018, Google Digital Guru has the following certification classes.


Green Belt: Explore how Google can help with media planning tools; engage in decision-making workshops for lead generation and brand awareness


Blue Belt: Discuss strategies for seasonal activation; engage in decision-making workshops for app engagement and driving online retail sales


Black Belt: Get comfortable with sales pitching and objection handling


Empowering their team members

OOm has always been supportive of honing the skills of their in-house talents. As a Google Premier Partner, the local SEO agency in Singapore has been actively participating in various digital marketing training and workshops conducted by Google, and this circuit breaker is no exemption for it but rather an opportunity to seize.


It is no doubt that the current pandemic has brought a series of challenges to many consumers and businesses. There has been a consistent change in the demands and expectations of both parties. Thus, to ensure the high-level quality service, OOm is always making sure that they will have something new to offer to their clients by keeping up with the industry trends.



OOm sees this season as an opportunity to strengthen the skillset of their Paid Performance Strategists during the circuit breaker period. “During this time of pandemic, everyone is faced with uncertainties. Here at OOm, we put the well-being & career progression of our employees as the priority. On top of assuring them of their job security, we also saw the work-from-home period as an opportunity for them to strengthen and build confidence in their professional knowledge,” said Wyvan Xu, OOm Co-Founder and COO.


Adapting to digital transformation

With Google Digital Guru 2020, digital marketers can improve their skills and knowledge to more specific objectives through hands-on projects and workshops. Furthermore, attendees will also gain expertise in Google’s latest ads product releases and advanced automation, cross-product solutions, and creative. 


As the world is continuously adapting to the new normal, businesses and marketers alike must embrace digital transformation. Ian Cheow, OOm Co-Founder and CEO, also share the same perception. “I believe that change is the only constant, so much more in the current situation of the new normal. Having been in the digital marketing industry for the past 14 years, OOm has grown in both adaptability and grit, having faced numerous challenges in the fast-changing industry. That has set a strong foundation to embrace digital transformation quickly. I am confident that the resilience and versatility of our employees, coupled with the upgrade of their technical skillset will help to propel our clients to greater heights,” he noted.