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We use Facebook Marketing and Instagram Ads to get you leads and sales.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram are the leading social network for businesses in Singapore. With an average of 1.59 billion active users daily, it presents an opportunity for your business to tap on these network to reach out to your potential customers. When we manage your Facebook marketing campaign, we will narrow down your target audiences via demographics, locations, interests and behaviours to achieve results.

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Our Social Media Creative and Design Portfolio

We have a team of in-house digital designers to work on your social media design. Below are some design portfolio for your reference:

Working with a Meta Business Partner

By working with us, you will be partnering with a team of trained Meta (Facebook) marketing specialists to provide you with all-rounded support on Meta (Facebook) – which include strategising and running advertisements, as well as setting up the advertising account – so that you can be free to focus on other aspects of your business.

Our Facebook Offerings

Facebook currently holds the largest social media platform in the whole world—a fact that no longer comes as a surprise. With this, OOm immediately has all the right services that can hype your brand on this massive platform. OOm can curate the content that you publish on your page. This allows your users to get to know your brand and engage with it. We can also launch promotions and paid ads which will be efficiently targeted to your consumers based on their interests, demographics, behaviour, and more.

Advanced Audience Targeting

We analyse, identify and understand your target audience in order to design a campaign that relates to them which will increase your conversions.

Conversion Pixel Tracking

We set up Facebook Pixel tracking to track conversions from your Instagram and Facebook ads in order to monitor and make adjustments to further improve the performance.

Facebook Account Ownership

Unlike other social media agencies, OOm does not withhold our clients’ Facebook ad account. You own 100% of your account and will always be in control.

Timely and Transparent Reporting

We keep you informed on the performance of your Facebook campaigns every month. On top of that, we also analyse the information to recommend ways to help you improve your campaigns.

Customised Ads Creatives

We have a team of creative designers who offer top-notch customised ad design services for your company.

Funnel Analysis

We analyse your customers’ journey and identify the funnel to be used to drive Facebook marketing performance.

Our Facebook Retargeting Strategy

Retargeting ads is a critical part of your Facebook Marketing campaign. It usually takes more than 1 visit for your potential customer to convert. Hence, retargeting ads continue to engage with your potential customers after their first visit and prompt them to convert later.



If the people did not convert during the consideration stage, we will retarget these group of people with a customised awareness ad and get them to revisit your website again to take action.


Comprises of basic targeting such as demographics, locations, interests and behaviours. The objective is to allow people who see the ad know the who and what of your company.


Consists of the group of people who took the action of engaging with the awareness ad. This group of people are interested to find out more about the company.


People who engaged with the consideration ad and took an action after that.


For people who made a conversion action, we can turn them into loyal customers by showing them ads with cross-sell or up-sell intentions.

Facebook Machine Learning Technology

We apply Facebook machine learning to optimize your campaigns to achieve the best possible returns of investments. Facebook machine learning adopts a predictive approach that delivers more precise ads to your potential customers and improve conversion rate.

Work with a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional Team

Our facebook marketing specialists are Facebook blueprint certified. As certified professionals, they are kept abreast with the latest technique and solutions of Facebook and Instagram marketing. You can rest assured and leave your campaigns to us, while you focus your time on other areas of your business.

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