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Working with a Premier Google Partner

OOm is a Premier Google Partner. When you choose to work with a Premier Google Partner, you are working with one of the best SEM agencies in town. You will be partnering with a team of highly skilled and certified professionals, who have achieved a higher level of screening and training by Google. As a Premier Google Partner, we provide full transparency and accountability on your Google Ads Spend too.


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Why Work with a Premier Google Partner?

How Did OOm Become a Premier Partner?

OOm has been one of the trailblazers in the industry of digital marketing here in Singapore. We have already been a partner of countless small to medium businesses across Singapore and Indonesia. Because of our excellent strategies in optimising each of your brands online, we have been recognised by Google as a Premier Partner.

What are the Benefits of Working with OOm, a Premier Google Partner?

Becoming a Premier Partner is an honor of being recognised as one of the companies that have the most experience and expertise in developing, launching, and managing Google Ads campaigns. Having this badge also means that we at OOm already use extensive product training tools, and Google Ads support that

Should I Set Up an Account Myself or Should I Trust a Premier Google Partner?

Anyone can set up their Google Ad accounts—anyone can do SEO. However, with a Premier Google Partner, you can entrust your digital marketing campaigns to professionals with the right resources that can continue to up your game.

What makes OOm Different from any Other Google Partner?

Becoming a Google Partner is already commendable in its own right. Working with a Premier Partner like OOm, on the other hand, gives you a different level of reassurance about the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

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