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OOm is a Premier Google Partner. When you choose to work with a Premier Google Partner, you are working with one of the best SEM agencies in town. You will be partnering with a team of highly skilled and certified professionals, who have achieved a higher level of screening and training by Google. As a Premier Google Partner, we provide full transparency and accountability on your Google Ads Spend too.


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    Frequently Asked Questions about Premier Google Partner

    In spite of its popularity today given our reliance to the digital space, many still have a lot of questions about this broad and comprehensive industry. Let’s unpack a few questions and answer them here:


    The Premier Google Partner program is a marketing program designed for advertising agencies that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands and businesses. Being a Premier Google Partner grants the company access to a wide range of benefits, ranging from exclusive events and training sessions, to the latest in-depth industry research and trends.

    Being a Premier Google Partner, OOm has successfully achieved and surpassed Google’s stringent standards. They include a consistent performance of solid ad revenue and growth over 18 months and with over 12 months of spending activity, a spending requirement over a 90-day period across managed accounts, as well as having employees in the agency certified in Google Ads solutions.

    Premier Google Partners are the first to try exclusive new features of Google Ads solutions before they are released to the public. Additionally, Premier Google Partners receive extensive and exclusive business training, offer enhanced support and dedicated account management, are well-versed in business growth and strategy, and are involved in annual summits that allow them to mingle with the best. Combined, this allows them to confer an edge to your business to help it thrive.

    Since 2006, OOm has made a name for ourselves in the industry, clinching multiple awards across the years. These awards include a Gold Award for Excellence in Search Marketing in 2018, Silver Award for Excellence in Search Marketing 2020, as well as a Gold for Best Search Campaign in 2011. With these benchmarks of success, OOm stands out from other Premier Google Partners in helping you achieve and surpass your business goals.

    A regular Google Partner has a blue Google Partner Badge whereas a Premier Google Partner has a red Google Partner Badge with the word “Premier” in it. You can click on the badge to view the official Premier Google Partner profile page of the agency.

    Most Premier Google Partners, including OOm, will feature the Premier Google Partner badge on their websites. The badge links to the official Premier Google Partner profile page with the company’s name on top, as well as their company specialisations and individual certifications.

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