Google Ads Management from a Premier Google Partner

Outsource your Google Ads Management to a Premier Google Partner, the top 3% of Google Partners in Singapore. Working with a Premier Google Partner ensures that your Google ads campaigns will be optimized to deliver the desired results for your business.

Why outsource your Google Ads Management to us?

Handling the processes of your own business and grasping the twist and turns of digital marketing prove to be no easy task. Focus on your own processes where you are an expert of and leave your digital marketing campaigns to us.

  • Leave the heavy lifting to our team of google ads experts, who are highly skilled and kept abreast with the latest best prices of Google Advertising.
  • As your extended marketing arm, you can now spend your time on other areas of the business by leaving your Google Advertising with us.
  • As a Premier Google Partner, we are always the first to pilot any new products or solutions in Google Ads. When you outsource your Google Ads Management to us, your business can stay ahead of your competitors by getting first hand knowledge and piloting any new products or solutions in Google Ads.

100% Transparency and Ownership of your Google Ads Account

OOm takes pride in our 100% transparency policy that we have been practicing since day one of our business. Clients love to work with us because we are 100% transparent with their Google Ads spend. One indication is that we provide access to their Google Ads dashboard while running their campaigns. 


When we create a new Google Ads account for you or if you approach us with an existing Google Ads account, you are the rightful owner of the account. Even if you decide to leave, you take all the data in the account and our work with you.

google ads account dashboard
data of call status report

Call Tracking and Analytics

Call tracking and Analytics are vital activities in digital marketing that allow you to know how your campaigns are faring. With us here at OOm, you can rest assured that your campaigns will be thoroughly tracked and analysed.

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