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The team at OOm has showed great account management support, particularly in the digital space where competition is running 24/7, the team’s responsive and speedy execution of paid search initiatives and rectification vs competitors is impressive.


Credible and solid technical knowledge, the team is able to strategise effective and cost-friendly campaigns to not only dominate impressions, accelerate conversions but to counter attack the harsh competition battlefield.


As an agency, value added service is what matters. Their dedicated service quality extends more than just during the operating hours. I am impressed their time spent after office hours and weekends just to stay competitive digitally.


Lastly, because they embrace our KPI and treat our business as theirs, OOm has form a part of Rentokil Initial’s business goal, thus delivering quality attention, by keeping close tabs on our business needs and competitor’s activities.

Junie Yeo

Marketing Director

Rentokil Initial Singapore Pte Ltd

Before engaging OOM we were managing SEM internally. Its proven not an easy feat especially when the company is growing and the demand for proper management of in house SEM effort grows. After sourcing for multiple vendors, we decided to engaged OOM to manage our SEM efforts. As we are not new to SEM, its has not been easy to find someone who knows it better than us. OOM does shows expertise in this area in which they can improve what you already have to another level.


Ever since, it has been a breeze to work with the team. Communication is tight and they are sensitive to the requirements and needs of the customers. I must say your team done a great job so far and have kept up to our requirements at every step of the way. Keep up the great work on the customer service.

Julian Ma

CEO and Founder

Singapore Computer Guys Pte Ltd

When our business was not as good as before, I approached OOm to help us get more customers base using online marketing. Previously we managed SEM internally and did not know anything about SEO.


OOm helped us to revamp our website and did what is right for our SEM. We also embarked on SEO with OOm, to get them optimize our website.


We have seen a good increase in quote requests from our website and online marketing.


All the team members in OOm are simply amazing. They have great customer service and are super dedicated in their work. The best part was that we could completely trust their team with their professionalism.


Keep up the good work!

Ong Wei Kai Janet

Account Manager

Shadetimes Pte Ltd

We’ve been working with the oom team for several years now. Chloe has always been on task and dilligent in handling our account since day 1. They are quick to respond when issues arrises and we truly appreciate that!

Shu May Leo

Sales & Marketing Manager

Danish Design Co

Great working experience with OOM especially to Tyler for providing clarifications and recommendations to increase online visibility of our brand and campaign.

Calvin Chen

Webmaster & Digital Marketer

AAS Academy Pte Ltd

We had a very pleasant experience working with Serena and Chloe from OOm. Not only are they objectives driven and resourceful in answering our campaign briefs, they are also quick in their responses which is essential to our campaign needs!

Jeremy How

Digital Marketing Lead

Decathlon Group

If you are looking for Google expertise, OOM is the agency to go. They have deep expertise in Google and provides factual authentic information to in their recommendations. They are experts in leads generation focused campaigns.

Carrie Chu

Digital Marketing Manager

Mandarin Self Storage

We had a very pleasant experience working with Chloe from OOm. She is very patient, friendly and professional. We can see she is trying her best to increase our online presence. Thank you so much for your hard work!

Corrine Ong

Marketing Executive

Ansac Technology (S) Pte Ltd

OOm is a high quality internet marketing firm that is a one stop shop for businesses so that business owners can fully focus on their day to day operations, business development, product improvement and customer service. Marketing is not an expense, it is an investment. Most business owners get it wrong and think that marketing is an expense like back office administration, it is not. Marketing is what will determine if you have the opportunity for sales or not.


Many business owners do not understand the importance of marketing much less marketing online, and even fewer business owners understand how to correctly conduct advertising strategies and tactics online. I have in my own experience meet many business owners who feel they know how to manage their own SEO and SEM advertising on google and their campaigns on social media platforms, the fact is that they may know how to operate the basics of it but truly it is much more complicated than that.


The fact is that unless you have your own full-time in-house google/social media marketing specialist technicians, you will not be as good as a pro, and this underscores the importance of engaging real professionals like OOm who are experts in this field, not only are they experienced and in the know of what’s current with online strategies, they also have the relationships and access to the key platforms that the industry outsiders do not have.


So it’s not as simple as knowing how to operate Google analytics or Facebook business manager, it is also having relationships with Google or Facebook to have insights on what’s the best now and what’s next? Knowing how to cook in your own kitchen doesn’t make you a professional chef at a restaurant, so that’s why our company engaged a professional online marketing agency like OOm.

Jevon Tay

Founder & CEO

East Coast Podiatry

I mostly highly recommended Oom Pte Ltd for their digital marketing and expertise.


Oom have been doing my company social media marketing for the past 2 years and recently, they have done my international wallpaper week marketing that exceed my expectations!


Oom team was just exceptional. Every individual was a consummate professional, extremely carefully and embraced the concept of teamwork. Their vast experience with digital marketing was a great benefit to my marketing ideas.


A big part of my success stemmed from their relentless work ethic which resulted in impressive productivity. They willingly handled special request from me that were needed in order to get my marketing out ahead of schedule.


I hope to work with OOM Pte Ltd on my future projects.


It was an absolute pleasure working with every member of their team.


I would be happy to provide further information regarding the quality and effectiveness of OOM Pte Ltd services. I can be reached by email at

George Ong

Business Development Director

The Wall Story Pte Ltd

Very Professional Service. Their years of SEO and SEM experience really helped me out a lot. Very willing to share and go into details to teach and enlighten you on the best practices and strategies to get the most out of your marketing dollars!

Lim Bingyuan

Founder, Calendar Fashion

Chloe is a very committed client solution manager, and respond to specific marketing quickly. She is a good coordinator to communicate the client’s need to her technical team for actionable items.

Yong Hong Tan


Smile Floral

We are working with Jay from OOm, and we feel Jay is very patient, friendly, and knowledgeable, and he is always contactable. We feel very comfortable working with him, and we really appreciate the way he is more than willing to share the reasoning behind each step they propose to take, and how google adwords work. He takes every feedback seriously and we can see he is trying his best to increase our clicks and traffic. Keep up the good work!

Amelia Tan


Union Power Pte Ltd

Thank you guys for making sure we have less worries on our marketing. Being able to see our ranking improve in our seo within 6 months. Most importantly, our conversation has been increase since moving over to oom. Both Sebastian and Jay has been very pro-active in responding to our needs and enquiries. Provides very good advice both on and off marketing. We would recommend oom to anyone that requires good marketing!

Raphael Sim


Clean Care Pte Ltd

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