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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is creating high-quality content that focuses on building a long term relationship with your audience. Content marketers aim to capture the attention of the readers by using storytelling or educational content that creates value. Content marketing does not explicitly promote your business but is intended to generate interest for your products or services.

What is the difference between Content Marketing and Copywriting?

Although both content marketing and copywriting seems to be similar in context, they are very different.

Copywriting is creating content to get your readers to take a specific action. For example: to purchase your products from your e-commerce or to download an e-book from your website.

On the other hand, content marketing is creating of high-quality, shareable, and valuable content that does not sell your products or services directly but generates interest for your company.

However, content marketing without good copywriting is not going to help your business. You can create a really good article that is enjoyable to read but when it has a dull title or lacks call-to-actions, the article will not get you a lot of traffic. Content marketing and copywriting must work hand-in-hand to deliver the greatest results for your business.

Why is Content Marketing so Important for your Business?

There are many benefits that content marketing can bring to your business. Producing high-quality and engaging content influences decision making of your readers more than any other techniques. Here are some of the benefits of why content marketing is to important for your business:

Build Trust with your Readers

When you produce high-quality content and share freely, your readers love it. Your content adds value to your readers and in return, trust is built between your company and your audience.

Content Marketing Creates Better Social Media Traction

If you are always trying to increase your followers on Facebook and Instagram without much success, the problem may be ineffective content marketing. You may want to start sharing content that your followers enjoy on your social media to increase traction.

Increase Leads for your Business

When your content relates to your readers, they stay on your website longer. When they love your content, they are more likely to be interested in what your company offers. Together with strong call-to-actions, your content will consistently generate new leads for your business.

Increase Profit

Use content marketing to generate leads by getting your readers to subscribe to your newsletter or follow your social media channels. When your readers trust your company, they are more likely to purchase from you which brings you more profit.

Content Marketing Strengthens your SEO Efforts

If you understand how SEO works, you will know that the more consistent and high-quality content you produce, the better it will for your SEO. Content marketing will increase your website authority and get Google to reward you with high rankings on the search results.

Content Marketing Retains your Audience

When your readers love your content, they will want to have more. They will spend more time on your website browsing your blog or follow your social media for updates. When you have a loyal fan base, it puts your business to another level as compared to your competitors who are not doing content marketing.

How is Content Marketing Done?

To do content marketing, you will need to devise a content marketing strategy for your business. Here are the steps:

If you do not have the time and expertise to do the above, you can engage us to create content for your company. As a content marketing agency, we are equipped with the experience and manpower to create high-quality content for your business.

What are Some Examples of Content Marketing?

We have a team of professional in-house content writers to produce the types of content below:

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

Having a good content marketing strategy for your business gives you the edge over your competitors. Invest into content marketing today by setting up your own content marketing team. If you require external help, you should outsource your content marketing work to us. As your content marketing agency, we will take care of this so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

In-House Professional Content Marketers

We do not outsource our content marketing work. We maintain a team of professional content marketers in-house so that we can control the quality of the content for our clients. With total control, we are able to create high-quality content consistently.

Our Clientele

We care greatly about our clientele. Our clients are an expanded mix of SMEs and enterprises. Check out some of the companies we’ve helped recently through our diverse portfolio.

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