Our Digital Marketing Technology

At OOm, we leverage on digital marketing technology to optimise and manage your digital marketing campaigns to deliver better performance.

Heatmap and Website Behaviour Analytics

Uncover insights and understand your website visitors by using our heatmap and website behaviour analytics technology. Identify any points where users are stuck and improve your website conversions right away.


Collect more leads for your business by installing Chatbot. Chatbot gives your website users an alternative way to contact your business. Chatbot acts as your 24/7 salesperson and attend to your users when all of your salespersons are asleep. Our Chatbot technology allows you to customise your own messages and guide your website visitors throughout the experience. When someone interacts with your chatbot, you will receive an email notification that comes with the user’s information such as name, contact number and email. Your salesperson can then access the dashboard to follow up with the lead.

Call Tracking Technology

Call tracking technology allows you to track calls coming from your digital marketing campaigns. With this insights, you will be able to see the actual ROIs from your campaigns and optimise your marketing spend.

Dedicated Landing Pages (DLP) Built for Conversions

Our dedicated landing pages (DLP) are built with conversions in mind. Coupled with the best Call-to-Action practices and proven layout to drive conversions, DLP gets you more leads and reduce your cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

Real Time Google and Facebook Reporting

Our real time reporting tool allows you to view your digital marketing campaign data on the go. By simply clicking on the link that we set up for you, you can monitor our agency’s performance real time.

Real Time Website Analytics

Track your website visitors with Google Analytics. Our account managers and digital marketing strategists will drill down the data, advise the next course of actions and deliver more results to you.

24/7 SEO Performance Dashboard

Our SEO performance dashboard is available 24/7 and allows you to track your SEO keywords rankings anytime you want.

Website Audit Platform

Use your website audit platform to discover issues on your websites. Technical issues on your website will hurt your conversion rate and SEO performance. With our website audit platform, you will get a report on what to fix.

Competitor Analysis Platform

Uncover what your competitors are doing with our competitor analysis platform. Our competitor analysis platform can uncover the keywords that they are buying on SEM or optimising using SEO, and estimate their digital marketing spend.

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