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What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing refers to using Facebook as a marketing channel to promote your business and attract new customers. Within Facebook, you can use organic posts or paid ads to reach out to your target audience. Facebook boasts a wide range of marketing features, such as lead ads, remarketing, and behavioural targeting, among many others. If you are a retail business, you can also make use of Facebook Shop to sell your products within Facebook.


Working with a Meta Business Partner

By working with us, you will be partnering with a team of trained Meta (Facebook) marketing specialists to provide you with all-rounded support on Meta (Facebook) – which include strategising and running advertisements, as well as setting up the advertising account – so that you can be free to focus on other aspects of your business.

Facebook Marketing Singapore Statistics

Facebook is one of the leading social media sites in Singapore. More than 4 million Singaporeans are using Facebook these days, and the numbers continue to grow.

There’s no denying that Facebook is one of the best marketing platforms for any business, since it’s one of the leading social media sites, along with YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Not to mention, most Facebook ads reach more than 4 million Singaporean Facebook users.

Facebook is perfect when it comes to customer engagement because Pages can use photos and videos for their materials. In fact, photos and videos on Facebook generate an average engagement rate of 7.15%. Marketers can take advantage of Facebook by posting quality content to improve customer engagement.

Advantages of Facebook Marketing

Facebook benefits both consumers and businesses for many reasons. One good example is that it lets millions of users engage with one another. With that said, what are the advantages of marketing on Facebook?

How to Use Facebook Marketing for Business?

Using facebook marketing for businesses is similar to running a campaign on any other social media platform. The difference is understanding how Facebook algorithms work so the campaigns ads will reach the right people. Also, consumer targeting or defining the target market on Facebook is another essential factor.

Here are some of the ways you can use Facebook marketing for your business:

How Much Does Facebook Marketing Cost?

In Singapore, the cost of marketing on Facebook depends on the budget and the number of ads a business is willing to run. Moreover, there are other technical factors that might affect a Facebook marketing campaign. Generally, the cost of facebook marketing changes depending on the following:

What is a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook business page is different from a Facebook profile. A profile is a personal Facebook account that is not suitable for business. If you intend to start Facebook marketing, you will need to create a Facebook Business Page, which is a public profile of your business that allows you to connect with fans and customers. With a Facebook business page, you can then post content on your page to engage with your followers or run facebook ads to reach new audiences.

Managing a Facebook Business Page requires you to get someone to work on it full-time, because you will need to post content consistently and engage with your followers from time-to-time. Many people set up a Facebook business page and then do not manage it properly. This does not reflect your business well as your potential customers find your page outdated and irrelevant.

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page?

Setting up a Facebook Business Page is quite simple. To start up, here are a few steps in creating a new Facebook Business Page in no time:

Marketing with Facebook Business Pages

Facebook marketing is a perfect strategy for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Creating a Facebook Business Page means opening your business to a vast audience with endless opportunities for experimentation. Make good use of Facebook Business Page to gain as many followers as possible.

To utilise your Facebook Business Page to its fullest potential, you have to be active on social media. That means you have to post content daily or weekly, communicate with your customers, and send ads to the right people. Continue to manage your page at an optimal pace, and you will obtain positive results in the long run.

Types of Content to Post on Your Facebook Business Page

When you post content that your followers find it useful, their trust in your business increases. One very important component within Facebook marketing is to ensure there is a consistent flow of content on your Facebook Business page. By posting consistently, you extend your reach and allow new Facebook users to discover your content and they may choose to like your page. In this way, you gain new followers organically.

Below are some types of content to post on your Facebook business page:

1. Facebook Text Captions. Most people these days gather information on social media, especially Facebook. Try sharing your insights on Facebook so you can connect with hundreds and thousands of active users.

2. Facebook Images. You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. Create a series of photos that will define your brand. Post quality images on Facebook to grab the attention of your audience in a glance.

3. Facebook Videos. There’s so much room for creativity when it comes to producing videos. You can post informative videos related to your line of work so you can educate your customers. Perhaps you could also publish commercials to raise brand awareness. Either way, you cannot go wrong with creating high-quality videos for your Facebook marketing campaign.

4. Facebook Links. Your Facebook serves as an ideal middleman between your website and your target audience. Share links to your website and blog posts so you can boost your SEO ranking. In doing so, you will improve your site’s online presence and attract more visitors.

5. Facebook Live. Instead of posting pre-recorded videos, try filming live on Facebook. Facebook Live is a feature that allows you to live-stream content and connect with your followers.

6. Facebook Instant Articles. Facebook Instant Article is a feature that allows you to post text and image content in a format that loads extremely fast on mobile devices and allows your audience to read the content without leaving the Facebook app. With fast loading, it gives a very good user experience to Facebook users and this will definitely increase your article’s viewership.

How to Get Facebook Likes and Increase Followers?

f you have a new Facebook business page or your current facebook page has very little followers, your next immediate goal is to increase followers to start a community. To get new Facebook followers, you can consider doing the following:

How to Create a Facebook Marketing Strategy for Your Business?

Creating a Facebook Business Page is just the beginning. The challenge lies in producing creative marketing strategies for your Facebook campaign. Fortunately, with OOm, you can do just that. Get in touch with our SEO company in Singapore so we can provide you with the latest tips and tricks for creating efficient Facebook marketing strategies.

1. Identify your audience. Take some time to think about what your potential customers look like? What are their interests? What kind of content will interest them? Then use the Audience Insights tool within Facebook to help you streamline your audience pool.
2. Create a Facebook content editorial calendar. After you have identified your audience, start working on your content. Decide how frequently you will post your content on your page. Is it daily? Or twice a week? Plan your social media calendar so that you will keep up with all of the posts that you need to publish.
3. Schedule your posts. Use a social media post scheduling tool to schedule your Facebook posts so that they are posted on time based on preset timing. Before deciding on the timing to post, do some research to identify the best days for posting your content.
4. Run Facebook ads campaigns to drive leads for your business. Facebook is a perfect channel for lead generation due to its low cost-per-click (CPC). If you set the campaign to target the right audience, you will achieve a low cost-per-lead (CPL) for your campaign.
5. Tap on Facebook’s AI targeting to reach more targeted audiences. Run Facebook Retargeting and also Similar Audiences to reach out to more potential customers.

How to Track and Measure Results from Your Facebook Marketing campaigns?

Facebook marketing is a trial-and-error process that relies on constant improvements so you can devise better strategies. To make that happen, you must track and measure your results from previous Facebook marketing campaigns.

Luckily, Facebook has a performance tracking tool that will allow you to track and measure your campaigns. Install Facebook Pixel and start to understand your target audience, test your ads, and find out which of your campaigns is the most effective in producing results.

How to Advertise on Facebook Using Ads?

Facebook has a variety of advertising options such as Lead Forms, Sponsored Posts, Click-to-Website, carousel ads, video ads, etc. Facebook advertising al

Below are some tips to help you with Facebook Advertising:

Types of Facebook Ads

When advertising on Facebook, you must begin by choosing the right type of ads. Here are some of the type of Facebooks to keep in mind:

Video Ads

Click Website Ads

Sponsored Posts

Carousel Ads

Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Lead Form Ads

Instragram Ads

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