Performance Marketing for Lead Generation


Here at OOm, we pull different strategies on keeping your brand within your target consumers’ online activity. Based on the users’ behaviour and other factors, we market your brand in the most natural way.

Impression + Intentional Search

  1. Search + Responsive Search Ads (RSA)
  2. Responsive Display Ads
  3. Youtube Trueview
  4. Facebook Ads

Optimise Click-Through Rate (CTR%)


  1. Dedicated Landing Page (DLP)
  2. Heatmap & Behaviour Analytics
  3. Machine Learning & Artificial
  4. Intelligence (Google/ Facebook)

Optimise Conversion Rate (%)


ROI Tracking (Leads & Cost Per Acquisition)

  1. Forms
  2. Call Tracking
  3. Whatsapp
  4. Chatbot

Dedicated Landing Page (DLP) Portfolio

Dedicated landing pages are essential as they are the first things that users see upon clicking on your ad, it will either entice them to fulfil the page’s objective or bounce off. Thus the content, call-to-action, aesthetics and user experience of the page is of utmost importance. With expertise in areas of performance marketing, design, copywriting and technicalities, we are confident to help you create a landing page that is built for conversions. The following are successful portfolios that we have done for our clients.

Women & Fertility Clinic
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic located in Singapore.
Singapore-based coding institution, was found with the mission to expose students to digital literacy and computational skills.
Specialist Orthodontic clinic in Singapore that provides dental braces to help kids and adult achieve that perfect smile.
Orange Valley | Clementi
First purpose-built nursing home to provide quality care for residents in the West.
Floor Melody
Supplies and installs vinyl floor, solid wood, carpet and smart home system.
International Cancer Specialists
An outpatient cancer screening, treatment, and management centre located in the heart of Singapore.
Core Fitness
A progressive physiotherapy and Pilates centre in Singapore.
Insurance Brokers Singapore
Helping you find the best plan in the market with Trusted Insurance Partners.
Number Skill
More than 30 years of teaching experience and have help thousands of students Ace their Math and Chemistry exams

Landing Page + SEM + Paid Socials = Performance

Digital marketing consists of an ecosystem where online campaigns are all interconnected. Alongside efficient paid social and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns, a good landing page will also contribute to the success of your digital marketing efforts.

In-House Design and Development

With in-house professionals creating and maintaining the landing page for you, we close the loop on miscommunication. You will have access to real-time updates on the development and performance of your landing page, as well as advice on further improvements, to fully optimise the page.

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