Shopify SEO

What is Shopify SEO?

Shopify is a popular online e-commerce platform for setting up an online store to sell your products and services. Shopify SEO is the process of making SEO improvements unique to Shopify’s platform, through optimising your content and making it relevant to queries that potential customers input into search engines.


Some of these factors include increasing the number of natural links directed to your site from other sites, increasing your website’s authority based on engagement, how long your domain name has been in use, as well as optimising your website structure and content to facilitate search engines.

Is Shopify Good for SEO?

Shopify is ideal for SEO due to various reasons. Here are some of them.

  1. Shopify grants the ability to manage and update meta tags, which are utilised when Google’s automated crawlers visit your site.
  2. Shopify automatically generates a sitemap, instructing Google’s crawlers how to categorise and rank your website URLs.
  3. Shopify creates 301 redirects, redirecting traffic to your active websites while maintaining your search rankings.
  4. Shopify allows you to canonise URLs, instructing Google’s bots on which website is the master version when you have multiple similar pages.
  5. Shopify has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes for easy use for your customers.

Can You Do SEO on Shopify?

Shopify SEO falls under the bigger umbrella of E-commerce SEO, including other commonly used platforms such as WooCommerce and Magento. It is a great way to set your business apart from your competitors who are also using Shopify to sell their products and services.


In addition, Shopify comes with SEO-friendly features to help you get quickly started in SEO optimising, but you will need to put in the research to do so. This includes identifying target keywords for your products and services, building more links to your website, and using content marketing to rank your website’s authority higher.

Common Shopify SEO Recommendations

There are multiple ways to do Shopify SEO. Here are some of the most common recommendations for optimal SEO results:


  1. Removing duplicate URLs from internal linking architecture
  2. Remove duplicate paginated URLs
  3. Create blog content for keywords with informational intent
  4. Add “Product”, “Article”, & “BreadcrumbList” structured data
  5. Determine how to handle product variant pages
  6. Compress images using
  7. Remove unnecessary Shopify apps

Duplicate Content Issues with Shopify

A major issue in Shopify SEO is that of duplicate content, which means that multiple web pages may contain the same content. This happens when search engines don’t know which versions of web pages to exclude, how to rank for query results, or directing link metrics to a specific page. This ultimately leads to a drop in rankings on search engines and reduced traffic to one’s websites, significantly impacting your business.


There are some common ways that duplicate content occurs. First, it can arise due to URL variations, which can occur naturally due to analytics code, click tracking, and creating multiple session IDs when users visit websites. Another way this occurs is through copied content, such as when multiple suppliers of the same product utilise the same product description on their websites.


How do you avoid duplicate content? Speak to us and we will advise you on the next course of action.

Recommended Shopify Apps for SEO

There are numerous apps available for you to do SEO on Shopify, and help to grow your revenue and increase store visibility. Some that you can consider include SEO Image Optimizer, SEO – All in One & Auto SEO, as well as JSON-LD for SEO.


Each of them offers their own advantages, ranging from auto sign-ups, discount codes and coupons, automatic and dynamic meta tags, as well as different pricing packages. Do take time to research and compare which Shopify app is best suited to your business needs.

Choosing OOm as Your Shopify SEO Agency

SEO has been our bread and butter since 2006, when our agency was incorporated in Singapore. With more businesses using Shopify to build their ecommerce websites, we have helped them achieve first page rankings with our Shopify SEO strategy. Our SEO team is highly experienced in Shopify SEO, and with our established track record, we are confident in helping you increase your ecommerce sales with SEO.

Dedicated SEO Team to work on your Shopify SEO

All our Shopify SEO specialists are in-house, allowing us to control every part of the Shopify SEO process and allowing us to deliver the highest quality work for you. Our team receives frequent training and is always kept abreast with the latest changes in Google’s search algorithms, helping you win your competitors in Shopify SEO.

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