Skyscraper Content

What is Skyscraper Content?

Skyscraper content is a content marketing strategy used in SEO where you find topics that are doing very well on the search engines and you create content that is better than the existing one. After which, you conduct a series of outreach activities to share and promote your skyscraper content to get more shares and backlinks. When done correctly, skyscraper content can greatly improve your SEO performance and reward you with first page rankings for competitive keywords.

Understanding Skyscraper Technique in SEO

SEO agencies that focus on using content marketing to drive SEO performance will know how to leverage on the skyscraper technique for SEO. To execute the skyscraper technique, you need to perform the following steps:



Identify Link Worthy Content or Content That is Already Performing Very Well on the Search Engine Results

After you have identified the content, map it to the keywords that you will want to optimize for your website. At this stage, it is important for you to conduct a thorough keyword research to identify both short and long tail keywords that best represent your business.



Create a Content That is Better Than the One You Find

Take the existing content to the next level by making it longer, updating it with something that is more recent and improves the overall design of the content presentation. SEO copywriting will come in very handy at this stage as keywords that you are targeting will be weaved in naturally within the content.



Reach Out to the Right People

Once your content is ready, syndicate your content piece to promote it to your targeted audience. This part of the process is very important because if your content is very well written but is not properly promoted, the effort that you put in to produce the skyscraper content will be wasted. As a SEO agency in Singapore, we are equipped with the resources to help you with your skyscraper content promotion because we have a team of SEO specialists to syndicate your content. 

Benefits of Skyscraper Technique for Your Business

There are many benefits when you create skyscraper content for your business. Skyscraper content helps you to dominate competitive keywords on the 1st page of google search results. Here are some benefits of applying skyscraper technique for your business:

Build More Trust with your Readers with High-Quality Content

When you create high-quality skyscraper content, readers will find them useful and trust your company more.

Increase Overall Organic Traffic to your Website

Skyscraper content tends to get you natural backlinks when promoted correctly. With more backlinks, it directly improves your website’s SEO performance.

Increase your Social Media Following

People love to share useful and interesting content and a well-written skyscraper article can get a lot of shares on social media. This increases your business awareness on social media and attracts more followers to your Facebook or Instagram pages.

Stay Ahead of your Competitors

Creating skyscraper content takes up a lot of resources and this is one reason why a lot of people understand the concept behind it but do not have the resources to produce these content consistently. Writing 1 or 2 skyscraper content is not enough. The key is to consistently churn our high-quality skyscraper content overtime. If you can do this, you will stay ahead of your competitors and win the game in business.

Increase Leads for your Business

Skyscraper content can be a very powerful lead generation machine that works 24/7 for your business. And because your content is packed with valuable content, people trust you and this drives more leads for your business.

Position your Company as an Authority in your Industry

Produce skyscraper content on topics that are important to your industry. Look at trending topics that are already doing well and use the skyscraper technique to produce a better version of it. When you constantly churn out high-quality skyscraper contents that address topics people are concerned about, you position your company as an authority in your industry.

Attract Natural Backlinks With Skyscraper Content

When you produce a high-quality skyscraper content that beats the existing content on every level: Length, Design, Current Information, Thorough in details, etc, your skyscraper article becomes a share-worthy content and in this way you will attract natural backlinks to your website. Using skyscraper technique to build links can have a very positive impact on the performance of your SEO and this is definitely worth your attention and investment.

What is Position Zero on Google?

Position zero features a snippet block at the top of the Google search results page and they are displayed differently. Within the position zero snippet block, there is content that directly answers search queries in the Google search results page. Skyscraper content tends to stand a higher chance to score a position zero on Google because of its quality. Below are examples of content that OOm has produced that are ranking on Position Zero:

Experienced Seo Agency In Singapore to Work on Your Skyscraper Content

Leverage on our SEO experience and outsource your skyscraper content creation work to us. We have proven track records to help your business achieve SEO success with our skyscraper content strategy. When you outsource your skyscraper content creation to us, you will have extra time to focus on other areas of your business while we take over the high resource intensive work.

In-House Digital Copywriters and Designers to Create Your Skyscraper Content

In order to produce the highest quality of skyscraper content for our clients, we maintain an in-house team of professional digital copywriters and designers. We never outsource our work as we want total control over the quality of the skyscraper content that we produce for you.

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