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What is the Productivity Solution Grant (PSG)?

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) was established as part of Singapore’s economic transformation plan to position the country as a leader in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Assisting businesses and organisations in implementing technology solutions and equipment to improve their operations is at the core of the PSG grant.

Small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from various industries such as food, engineering, logistics, retail and e-commerce are covered under sector-specific solutions to encourage the adoption of IT solutions, equipment and consultancy services.

PSG for E-Commerce Web Development
(Up to 70%* Support)

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    *Only SMEs in retail sectors are eligible for 80% support until 31 March 2023

    How Does The E-Commerce PSG Benefit SMEs?

    Receive up to 70%* support on
    e-commerce solutions

    Reach out to a global audience 24/7

    Improve operational processes

    Increase profits by reducing operational

    *Only SMEs in retail sectors are eligible for 80% support until 31 March 2023

    PSG Eligibility Criteria For SMEs

    Registered and operating in Singapore

    Purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solutions or equipment will be used in Singapore

    A minimum of 30% local shareholding; with Company's Group annual sales turnover of not more than S$100 million, OR employee size of not more than 200 workers (for selected solutions only)

    Steps to apply for E-Commerce PSG


    Request a quotation from us here


    Apply for PSG via GoBusiness Gov Assist and log in with your Corppass


    Implementation of e-commerce website design and development solution


    Submit PSG claim

    Key Features

    Mobile Optimised

    Mobile responsive site that enhances user experience on mobile devices

    Secured E-Payment

    Process payments from online orders through secured and globally recognised modes such as Stripe, PayPal and Credit Cards

    Shopping Carts

    Includes shopping cart and add to cart systems

    Customer Engagement

    Promotional message pop ups and WhatsApp integration

    Inventory Management

    Management system to track orders and inventory


    Generate discount codes and e-coupon for promotions

    Customer Loyalty Management

    Reward points module tracks customers’ loyalty points that can be redeemed for discounts

    Basic Data
    Visualisation Reports

    Extract inventory, sales and commission report data to analyse store’s performance


    Set up an attractive and user friendly online storefront to reach out to a global audience 24/7

    Omni Channel Integration

    Facebook Shops and Google Shopping integration

    Why Work With Us?

    Building an e-commerce website is just a start, and you should pair it with digital marketing strategies to expand your website’s reach in the long run. As a pre-approved PSG vendor for both E-Commerce Web Development and Digital Marketing Solutions, we can tailor highly effective digital marketing strategies to accelerate your sales after setting up your e-commerce store. If you are also looking for Digital Marketing solutions for your business, you can find out more here: Digital Marketing PSG.

    OOm: E-Commerce PSG Vendor +
    Digital Marketing PSG Vendor


    Company A

    • Premier Google Partner
    • Meta Business Partner
    • Local Hero of the Year
    Established since 2006
    • Immersive industry experience
    • One of the leading digital marketing
      agencies in Singapore
    Review and Recommendation
    • Monthly Ranking Report and Review
    • Final Campaign Report
    • Hotline and support email
    Account Ownership and Transperency
    • Clients possess account ownership
    • Transparent communication on media spend
    3:1 In-House Staff
    Support Per Account
    • 3 in-house staff to 1 client account
    Tools and Technology
    • Click Fraud Detection Software
    • Heatmap & User Behaviour Analytics
    • Whatsapp for Business
    • Dedicated Landing Page

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    From your e-commerce SEO to your e-commerce website development and design, here are some tips and tricks to help you bring your e-commerce business to the next level.

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    OOm has worked with a wide range of clients from SMEs to MNCs from various industries. Our team of professionals has successfully delivered results for clients through managing all aspects of digital marketing as a full-suite digital marketing agency.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some frequently asked questions regarding E-Commerce Productivity Solution Grant (PSG). We have provided our answers for these FAQs from our years of experience in digital marketing industry


    E-commerce is the transaction of goods and services online. An e-commerce website facilitates these transactions with features to accept payments, process orders and engage with customers.

    We use WooCommerce, an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

    Yes, you can apply for both PSG e-commerce and digital marketing grant if you have not applied for them before.

    Established in 2006, we are a highly competent digital performance marketing agency. After helping you with your e-commerce website design and development, you will need a digital marketing agency to help drive sales for your e-commerce website and that is what we do best.

    The process of developing a website takes approximately 4-6 weeks lead time, which may vary depending on the complexity of the clients’ requirements as well as their approval process.

    Yes, you can still apply for e-commerce PSG to revamp your existing website, subjected to approval.

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