Anyone can start an online business and launch their e-commerce website. But the question is, how can you actually make it profitable? Competition in business is tough. Established e-commerce businesses out continue to be on the rise. How will you be able to stand out amongst all of them? With all these challenges, it would definitely take a while before you’d be able to overcome them.


It might sound like a daunting task to achieve a profitable e-commerce website, but it is possible to become successful and make large profits in just a few months. You need to have sound knowledge in digital marketing. But before we delve into the technicalities of digital marketing, here is a checklist of the things needed in launching an e-commerce website:



Niche Research

Sure, you can sell various products in online retailing, but doing so would only decrease your chances of becoming prominent in the e-commerce industry. Choosing products in random won’t work. Just because you have more products to offer, it doesn’t mean that customers will increase. You need to choose a specific niche market to focus on. Doing so will increase the chances of rising above competitors.


In doing niche research, you would have to look first for major online businesses. Check and observe how their online store is built and structured. In this way, you would have an idea on how to design an effective e-commerce website. Next, choose a niche that is not too popular or prominent online. It would be hard to get on par with major brands in popular market niches. Just make sure that the niche has a competitive market.



Establishing an online business in a niche market gives you an opportunity to work with other businesses of the same niche. You can even become an affiliate of their business, and this can help your business expand your customer base.



Product Selection

Once you have identified your niche market, it doesn’t mean that you have to include every product that falls under it. You have to narrow it down. First, think carefully of what kind of persona would you want your brand to be known for. With this, it would be easier to choose the products that would become popular to your target consumers.



Another tip in selecting a product is to practice affiliate marketing. This is effective if you are not sure of the products to sell. Create content or post about the products similar or related to yours. If the post gets significant traffic, then this is a good sign to sell those products.



Order Processing

In establishing an e-commerce website, it is best to follow the dropshipping model. You will need to find a set of suppliers and choose from their products. After that, you’ll put them up for sale in your online store. Once a customer orders one of those products, you will have to contact the supplier and let them process the order. In this way, you won’t have to manage a large inventory.


After everything has been checked in this list, you can now launch your e-commerce website. But this is just the first step. You need to advertise and market your business in order to create a strong online presence and generate more sales. Here are some digital marketing practices to ensure that you will be able to reach your target consumers:



Optimise Your E-Commerce Website For SEO


You need to do some keyword research to identify what are the most effective ones in achieving high rankings. Once you have figured it all out, use those keywords and include them in your site, URLs and ad campaigns. This will help generate more website traffic.  



Promote Through Social Media


If you want to focus more on getting conversions and generating sales, you should promote your products through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each of them has an ads campaign feature, and you can use this to gain subscribers.  



Build An “Email List”


The best way to build an email list of potential buyers is to host giveaways or give out freebies. Consumers love free stuff so they would be enticed to get these promotions. You can ask them to enter their email first before joining the giveaway or getting the free stuff. With this, you can now send them emails about newly-released products, discounts, and special offers.


Even though you have a unique product to sell and it has the potential to become a hit in the market, this won’t be enough to convince consumers to buy it. You need to use the potential of the Internet to reach out to a large audience and expand your business. Learn about effective search engine or digital marketing in Singapore and use them to promote your products, and then success will follow in your E-commerce business. If you are still learning the ropes in promoting e-commerce websites, you can seek help from an expert like an SEO company in Singapore.

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