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As a digital marketing agency, we provide high-quality SEO copywriting services to capture your audience’s attention.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the process of getting your website to the first page of Google search results. With this, you get an increase in organic traffic to your website, which ultimately translates into leads or sales for your business.

Copywriting is Salesmanship – Understanding Copywriting

What is copywriting? Copywriting is salesmanship. A good copywriter creates content that prompts the reader to take any action, either to buy a product, enquire about your service, book a test drive for a new car, or subscribe to your mailing list. A good copywriter is an influencer with his or her words and plays a very important role in digital marketing. In the online world, there is too much content and if you would want people to take notice of your content, good copywriting can help you achieve that.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is about creating useful content and tailoring it with the latest SEO best practices so that the content can rank on the first page of Google search results page. You will need to define the keywords that you wish to rank and embed them naturally within the content. By doing this, Google sees your content as relevant and you will achieve a strong ranking in Google search results.


An SEO copywriter is equipped with the necessary SEO skill sets such as keyword research and technical SEO to perform the job well. An SEO copywriter will understand how Google feels about certain topics or keywords and is able to create content that revolves around that to rank the content.

Why Is SEO Copywriting Important?

SEO copywriting is important because if done right, it brings you more business. The fundamental of SEO copywriting is to always create useful content that your potential customers will read. Do not create an article by stuffing all the keywords just for the sake of ranking the content on Google. When SEO copywriting technique is applied to useful content on your website, it gets your website to rank higher in the search results pages and bring more organic traffic to your website. This gets more people to learn about your business and good copywriting will prompt them to take action after reading your content.

Understanding How SEO Copywriting Work

Below are some pointers to note when it comes to SEO copywriting:

  1. Topic and Keywords Selection. Conduct thorough research and identify the topics that your potential customers might be interested in. Use tools such as Google Keywords Planner and Google Trends to identify keywords that are related to the topic. Make sure you choose the keywords carefully and remember to target long-tail keywords tool.
  1. Headline. The headline is the single most important part of your content. Not only the headline must include the keywords that you wish to rank for, but a good headline also captures the attention of your readers that will make them want to read more.
  1. Meta Title. The meta title will appear as the title of the search results listing. This is also where Google will first see to understand what the page and content are about. You must include the keywords that you wish to rank for in the meta title.
  1. Meta Description. The meta description is a summary of your webpage content and appears in the search result listing. Search engines use these snippets in search results to let visitors know what a page is about before they click on it. It is a good practice to include Call-to-Actions in the meta description to improve the organic click-through-rate (CTR).
  1. Keyword Frequency. Keyword frequency means how many times your targeted keywords appear on the webpage. Avoid excessive keyword insertion within the content. The basis of SEO copywriting is always creating content that is useful for humans, not search engine robots.
  1. Internal and External Linking. Insert links to other pages of your website within your content to get your readers to discover more about your business. When you link out to other authority sites and pages, you are showing Google you value what other people create. Google will reward you for being in sync with their mission, which is to organize the world’s information. So by getting your content to stay connected and sociable, you help boost the performance of your SEO.
  1. Call-to-Action (CTA). Getting people to act after reading your content is one of the goals that you would want to achieve with your content. Hence, inserting Call-to-Actions within your content is important to convert your traffic to business goals.
  1. Site Speed. If your content is useful and interesting but it takes a long time to load, readers will abandon your page without finishing reading your content. The attention span of your readers is short so it is very important to make sure your site speed is fast. If you find that your site speed is slow, look for your website developer to fix it for you. Alternatively, you can look for OOm to assist too.

SEO Copywriting for Both Human and Search Engines - Achieving the Right Balance

Keyword frequency or keyword density still impact organic ranking to a certain extent, however, with Google recent updates, keyword density is no longer as effective as in the past. This is a welcoming update from Google because it reduces content that is created just for search engines in order to rank. So when you create content, do not go overboard and avoid keyword stuffing. If you are using an SEO agency for your SEO copywriting work, make known to them that you expect the articles or blog posts to be useful primarily and not just written for the sake of ranking a keyword.

Choose OOm for Your SEO Copywriting Work

Founded in 2006, we have helped many companies with their SEO work. The fundamentals of SEO will always be content. Therefore, having a good team of content writers who are trained in SEO copywriting will ensure the content that we create for you is both useful and effective in getting a good ranking on Google search results page.

In-House SEO Copywriters

All our SEO copywriters are in-house so that we are able to control every part of the writing process to deliver the highest quality work for you. Our team receives frequent training and is always kept abreast with the latest Google’s search algorithm changes to help you win in SEO.

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