YouTube Video Ads Production Service

We can help you to create videos that showcase your brand story which can be ran on various ad formats to reach out to the large pool of available audience on YouTube.

Professionally Designed Video Ads for YouTube

Our professional team can advise you on the ad format on YouTube that can best meet your business objective. With a heart of curiosity for all things new, our team constantly keep ourselves up to date with the latest trends in video advertising, making sure that you stay relevant.

2 Types of YouTube Ads

Bumper YouTube Ads
Bumper YouTube ads are video ads that are 6 seconds long and unskippable. This ensures that your users would really get to see and engage with your videos.
TrueView Video Ads
TrueView Ads are usually more than 30 seconds and are skippable after 5 seconds. TrueView Ads are great for driving engagement and getting viewers to take actions. The pricing model for YouTube TrueView Ads is Cost-Per-View (CPV). You only pay for qualified viewers if they choose to watch your video ad for at least 30 seconds.

Video Ads Production Process

Here at OOm, our professional team follows a streamlined process for video creation so that we can serve you better. 

We strongly believe in aligning clients’ objectives with our expertise. Work with us and allow us to to bring your brand to a higher level.

Benefits of Customised YouTube Ads

Stand out among your competitors with customised YouTube ads that bring out your brand’s distinct personality but are still able to capture the attention of your target audiences. Ranging from educational to engagement videos, we can curate content that is suitable just for you. Below are more advantages of campaigning your brand video on YouTube with OOm. 

Uplift Your Brand Image

Having your presence on a popular social media site is an indication that your brand is at the forefront of the digital realm. We believe that the only way is up and we can give you the lift to reach there.

Reach New Audience

With various targeting strategies available on YouTube, we are able to identify the one that is best suited to meet your marketing goal by pushing ads to new audiences who are highly interested in your products or services.

Pay for Real Audiences

For TrueView Ads, you do not pay if someone skips your video after 30 seconds. This ensures you are engaging real audiences.

Retarget Viewers Who Watched Your Videos

Based on data of viewers who had past interactions with your videos or YouTube channel, your brand message can be reinforced by showing your video ads to them again. By reminding viewers of your brand, it creates top-of-mind awareness and increases the opportunity for conversion.

Better and Stronger Engagement

With animation, videos are more engaging and leaves a stronger impression compared to other forms of advertisements. At OOm, we are able to produce videos that speak to your target audience personally.

Great Savings, Low CPV, Huge Reach

This online platform boosts 2 million active users monthly. With our expertise, we can help you to target users who are highly relevant to your business. With efficient targeting, the Cost-Per-View (CPV) will naturally decrease, thus bringing you great savings.

Working with a Premier Google Partner

OOm is a Premier Google Partner, the top 3% of Google Partners in Singapore. When you choose to work with a Premier Google Partner, you are working with one of the best SEM agencies in town. You will be partnering with a team of highly skilled and certified professionals, who have achieved a higher level of screening and training by Google. As a Premier Google Partner, we provide full transparency and accountability on your Google Ads Spend too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will own the rights and license of the video.

Yes, but you must have a valid proof of license.

Yes, we are able to include voice over to the video.

Our team will work with you to understand your direction. It is good for both parties to be involved in the planning of the video content to ensure the satisfaction of the end product.

Yes, you can re-use the video on other social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

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