E-Commerce Website
Design And Development

Create a good first impression for your potential customers. With our team of professional web designers and developers, we can help you to create a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and conversion driven.

What Is E-commerce Website Development?

E-commerce involves transactions that are performed over the web. As such, any site that permits purchase over the Internet is considered an e-commerce website. E-commerce website development involves optimising different UX features, content and design elements for a Google-friendly e-commerce website.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs
An E-commerce Website

Let your business go-digital and expand your reach globally
Empower purchases anytime, anywhere
Use digital marketing to drive traffic to your e-commerce website and increase sales
Improve operational processes
24/7 store that never sleeps
Increase profits by reducing operational expenses

Why Choose OOm As Your E-commerce Website Design And Development Agency?

Optimise user experience with UX web design

Build SEO-friendly websites

Provide seamless user payment experience

Provide strong technical support

Manage and optimise website content

Customise web page according to your business

6 Steps To The E-commerce Website Development Process

Information Gathering and Planning
To better understand your business and positioning in the industry, our dedicated team will first audit your existing digital marketing assets, including your website, as well as identify your objectives, purposes, target audience and preferences. This sets the direction for both the aesthetics and user experience on your website. To allow for better visualisation, we will also propose a web wireframe and plan the site’s launch date.
Once the overall visuals are approved, our e-commerce design team will zoom into the aesthetic details including your banner, image and video requirements. We will proceed with your website subpages once you are satisfied with the design of your homepage. Beyond revamping designs based on your response, we will also provide suggestions on improvement and enhancement, ensuring that the final product is something you can be proud of.
Content Writing & Assembly
Simply provide us with an outline or guide centred around your desired content and our writers will expand upon them. By eloquently delivering the message you wish to convey and enticing viewers, our goal is to successfully convert them into loyal customers and advocates of your brand.
Website Development
Here, the beta site will be shared with you. With clickable features, links and proper navigation across web pages integrated, you can now better visualise and provide feedback with regards to the final outcome of your e-commerce website.
Testing, Review & Launch
While working on final amendments, our team will also perform tests on the hyperlinks, scripts and codes to ensure that no errors are present. Once you’re satisfied, the beta site will be uploaded to the server for another test run and scheduled for the official launch.
After the e-commerce website goes live, another round of quality assurance is performed to ensure that your website is running smoothly. In the unlikely event of errors, our top priority is to fix these glitches as quickly as possible.

Our E-commerce Website Design And Development Portfolio

Dedicated Team Of Professionals To Work On Your E-commerce Website

Passionate, dedicated and committed, our in-house team of e-commerce website developers, designers and copywriters go the extra mile. Beyond simply developing your website, we’re here to support you every step of the way with relevant, attractive visuals and content that will captivate and allure any visitor.

Our Clientele

We care greatly about our clientele. Our clients are an expanded mix of SMEs and enterprises. Check out some of the companies we’ve helped recently through our diverse portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions About E-commerce Website Design And Development

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding e-commerce website design and development services. We have provided our answers for these FAQs from our years of experience in website design and development:

The cost of developing an e-commerce website depends on a case-by-case basis and can range from $10,000 to $50,000 based on your needs. Ultimately, the cost for web design and development services depends on a few crucial factors.


Some of these factors include:

  • The complexity of the e-commerce website
  • Any customised features needed
  • Copywriting and content creation
  • Number of products to be uploaded and maintained
  • Server and maintenance

E-commerce SEO revolves around optimising your e-commerce website and getting your product pages to appear organically on the first page of the search engine results page. Due to a wide range of products featured on your e-commerce website, e-commerce involves more keywords for enhanced optimisation as compared to traditional SEO. When e-commerce SEO is done right, ranking more product pages on the first page of Google to drive website traffic becomes


Learn more: https://www.oom.com.sg/ecommerce-seo/

There are many ways to promote your e-commerce website. Here are some common ways that you can start with. First and most importantly you have to optimise your site for SEO, as well as create interesting and useful content. Quality content generates higher click-through-rate (CTR) on search engines, which is an important factor to Google when ranking your website. Secondly, consider running Google Ads, which can reach a wide audience within a short span of time. Thirdly, promote your site on social media. Social media is one of the most prevalent platforms in today’s landscape and it allows for two-way interaction between you and your customers.

The process of developing a website takes approximately around 2 months lead time which may vary depending on the complexity of clients’ requirements as well as clients’ approval process.

Having your own e-commerce website gives you greater control, with a variety of features that allow you to customise and optimise your website in any way that is best for your business. Since the website is entirely your own, there is no need to worry about competition on the same platform. Most importantly, e-commerce websites offer built-in SEO features to improve your website’s online presence. By optimising your e-commerce website for SEO, more people can find what they are looking for on your online store through search engines like Google.


On the other hand, listing your products on marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee means more competition on the same platform. However, though competition is higher, these marketplaces already have an existing customer base in which you can leverage on, eliminating the need to build your own. It is also more affordable to set up a small business in a marketplace than an e-commerce platform as there is less need for upkeeping. While some marketplaces require membership fees, most charge by commission so business owners are only required to make payment after they have made a sale.


Learn more: https://www.oom.com.sg/ecommerce-platform-vs-market place-which-is-better-for-small-businesses/

Managing your own e-commerce website in-house means you get full control over all activities with on-site staff who can help combat any issues with a quick turnaround time. At the same time managing an in-house team also translates to having a group that understands your company’s brand well. On the other hand, managing an e-commerce website can be extremely time consuming, and outsourcing will allow you to save time and focus on more important aspects of your business. Outsourcing also gets you a skilled and knowledgeable team that specialise in what they do. The success of your e-commerce website depends heavily on website development, design, PPC campaigns and much more. To integrate these extensive elements, it is best to collaborate with a team that possesses the expertise. With the right, reliable outsourced website development company in singapore, you can even reap more benefits than you would get from managing in-house.

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