Outsource Digital Marketing Singapore - Digital Marketing Partnership Program

OOm Digital Marketing Partnership Program (DMPP)

OOm Digital Marketing Partnership Program (DMPP) was initiated for agencies that require digital marketing support. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Marketing Solutions and Social Media Marketing Solutions. With a dedicated representative and team of experts, we provide full consultation and technical support with timely reporting.

2 Types of Partnerships


OOm supports you behind the scenes

  • You front the clients while OOm supports you behind-the-scenes.
  • OOm offers you discounted rates (lower than market rate) for our SEO services, and you mark up and resell our services at a higher price to make profit.
  • OOm supports you with white label (showing your logo, not ours) reports and proposals for your SEO pitch. You preserve the relationship with your clients as we do not front them.

OOm fronts your clients for you

  • You refer us your client, we front the clients for you.
  • OOm gives you a commission for every successful referral case that we close.
  • Any clients’ concerns on OOm will be handled directly by OOm.

Our Services

With expertise in Google Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Solutions, we have worked with numerous satisfied partners to optimize their clients’ digital marketing campaigns. On top of the services mentioned above, we are also equipped to consult clients on media planning and buying as well as lead generation methods that best suit their budget and objectives. In addition to providing consultation and technical services to our partners’ clients, we also provide digital marketing training for our partners. We believe in sharing the digital marketing knowledge that we possess to build an uplifting digital ecosystem.

Our Partnership Process



Register your interest here.



Our partnership consultant will arrange a meeting with you.



We will sign an NDA to ensure confidentiality.



We will then sign the partnership agreement form.



We will work on your clients’ digital marketing projects as they come.



You start earning while we work to deliver the results for your clients.

Why Partner With Us?

You Make More Money

You will be able to accept clients whom you were unable to accept due to technical constraints and increase offerings to existing clients.

Save Time When You Outsource To Us

You will be able to focus on your product/service offering and let us take care of the digital marketing aspect.

You Save Money And Time On Building A Digital Marketing Team

Getting a team of digital marketing specialists in Singapore is very expensive and good ones are hard to find. When you outsource to us, you are leveraging on our team of experts that we have built along the years.

Reliable And Experienced Digital Marketing Agency

As a well-experienced agency since 2006, we have expertise under our belt to service clients from various industries, at various stages of their business. We have the acumen to provide the best solution at the best interest of who we work with.

Who We Have Partnered With

Web Developers
Branding Agencies
Creative Agencies
Film Production Houses
Digital Independents
Event Agencies

Find out more about OOm Digital Marketing Partnership Program

Invest just 30 minutes with us and discover how we can grow your business with digital marketing using SEM, SEO and more.

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