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What is a Blog Article?

A blog article or blog post allows you to publish insights or information on your website that your readers find useful. When you blog regularly, it establishes your thought leadership and increases the overall credibility of your company.

What Are the Benefits of Having Blog Articles on your Website?

One of the best ways to build brand awareness is through consistent blogging. Well written blog articles also provide useful information for your readers. Here are some benefits that you will get when you blog regularly:

  1. Increase Credibility of Your Business. When you produce useful content that your readers like, you build the trust between the readers and your business. They trust your company more as you establish thought leadership with consistent blogging.

  2. Boost Your SEO Performance. Search engines love fresh and relevant content and blogging is one of the best methods to deliver this. Well written blog articles will also be shared more often, in return earning your website tons of natural backlinks.

  3. Increase Your Website Traffic. Relevant and useful content gets shared more often and you will get more referral traffic from other websites.

  4. It Helps Convert Traffic Into Leads. With more traffic coming in, insert Call-to-Actions (CTA) to every blog article on your website to convert traffic into leads. Consider offer free e-books or free trials in your blog content and get your readers to download them by providing you with their information.

  5. Answer The Most Frequently Asked Questions From Your Readers. Turn each frequently asked question into a blog article with more in-depth information or explanation. This helps to answer more complex questions where you cannot answer in the FAQ section on your website.

  6. Engage Your Existing Readers and Get Them to Return to Your Website. This strengthens the relationship with your existing readers and builds long term benefits for your business.

  7. More Sharing on Social Media Channels. Blogging gives you more materials to share on social media and if your content is really good, your followers will share and promote your content.

  8. Repurpose Your Blog Article Into Newsletter Content. Blogging also gives you more materials to share with your newsletter subscribers. If you do not have a newsletter on your website, take this opportunity to start now.

  9. Signal That Your Business is Active and Alive. Regular blogging shows that your business is alive, especially when you blog on a daily basis.

  10. Test Ideas Using Blogging. Blog articles allow you to test out new ideas before it turns into a full-blown marketing campaign or business.

  11. Increase Revenue and Profits. Blogging allows you to speak directly to your prospective customers and educate them about your products or services at a more personal level. Educating is more powerful than hard selling.

What Makes a Good Blog Post?

The first rule of thumb for a good blog post is to add value to your readers. A good blog post is interesting to read and provides educational and useful information for your readers.

Start off with an enticing blog title to capture your readers’ attention. The introduction should hook the readers and make them want to continue reading your blog post.

Understanding your target audience is key in writing a good blog post. Find out what they like to know about and their interests, so that you can use this information to come up with topics for your blog posts.

Types of Blog Article Content

There are many ways to write your blog article. Some of the most common types of blog content are:

1. Interviews 

2. Checklists

3. Latest Industry News

4. Surveys

5. Infographics

6. Guest Posts

7. Case Studies

8. Statistics

9. Technical Specification

10. Current Events 

11. Comparisons

12. Video Blogs

13. Behind the Scene Content

14. Inspirational Stories

15. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

16. Contests

17. Event Summary

18. Key Takeaways

19. How-To Guides

20. Reviews of “Top 20” Posts

21. Transcript

22. Gallery or Picture Album

23. Employees Profile

24. Cheat Sheet

25. Curated Content from other Websites

In-House Digital Copywriters and Designers to Create Your Blog Articles

In order to produce the highest quality of blog articles for our clients, we maintain an in-house team of professional digital copywriters. We never outsource our work as we want total control over the quality of the blog articles that we produce for you.

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