How To Utilise Google Shopping Ads For Your Ecommerce Store?

There are many ways to produce sales and traffic for your eCommerce store.


Google ads management is one thing that often fails to notice by many businesses. Little did they know that there is a 33% increase in revenue with Google shopping ads. Furthermore, it is available in more than 90 countries all over the world. In one of those countries alone, there are plenty of opportunities for your brand to grow. All of these are without straining all of your resources.


Your potential customers will be able to compare prices and qualities between you and your competitors. It will help them weigh if your brand is more worth buying for. In other words, Google shopping ads are your customer’s best friend when it comes to looking for the best product available in the market.


Therefore, if you want to utilise this digital marketing strategy in Singapore for your eCommerce store, you must know what to do. Here are some pointers to remember.




1. Write Your Descriptions Right

When you are selling a product, never stop thinking about the perspective of your customers. It will help you figure out what they want to buy. To do this, it would be a good idea to do a keyword search. That is the first digital marketing strategy you should do. So, you would know what details to include in the description of your product.


The information about your product will help capture the attention of your potential customers. That is why you should make it clear and concise as much as possible.


2. Set Your Price Point

Another thing that you should never forget is that we love a bargain, and of course, your customers, too.


Now imagine, if you are looking for a specific product and you got three choices listed on Google shopping ads, which one would you choose? Apart from the way it looks, the price comes next. Most of your potential customers would pick the lowest price or best offer available.


The reason is simple. Your customers could save a lot from it.


3. Choose the Right Category and Type

To ensure your products are searchable online, you must include which category it belongs to. Even though you have a choice to align it with the taxonomy of Google ads management, you can add your own. Of course, it should be the same as what you have on your eCommerce site.


To guarantee that your potential customers will buy things from you, you should link your landing page to the product you posted on Google ads management. It will enable your customers to see what other items they could add to their shopping cart. The process should be swift and smooth if you link the proper URL address.


5. Get the Timing Right

Timing is everything. That is indeed the case in digital marketing in Singapore. It means you have to choose the right date and time when you plan to put up a sale on Google shopping ads. Posting it at the right time would help increase the click-through rate of your website. So, ensure to adjust it depending on when your potential customers browse the Internet.



Google ads management works. That is why many brands are using it today. To guarantee that it continues to work is by providing the relevant details about your products like what values it can bring to your customers. Knowing what to do is the first step to make this digital marketing strategy work.


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