Search Engine Marketing: How To Launch A Campaign?

The goal of search engine marketing, also known as SEM, is to generate leads and improve web visibility. In doing so, your ads can reach more people on search engines to drive traffic to your website.


However, the goals of SEM are already similar to search engine optimisation (SEO), so what is the difference between them? For starters, SEM is all about paid advertising. You can get your paid ads to appear on search engine results pages (SERP) to earn clicks and attract visitors to your website.


Is SEM better than SEO? No, but the two work hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Combining SEM and SEO is a recipe for success that will let you rank high in search engines and convert clicks into customers.


Nonetheless, SEM and SEO may have the same goals, but the process of achieving them is different. SEM involves paid ads, while SEM focuses on long-term growth. In the end, you could improve your web visibility with an SEM campaign as you optimise your website for SEO to gain better rankings.



How to Launch an SEM Campaign?

how to launch SEM campaign


Before you start an SEM campaign, you should learn the difference between paid search and organic search first.


Paid search refers to ads that help businesses rank higher in organic search results in the quickest way possible. On the other hand, organic search comprises search results acquired through natural or unpaid means.


When it comes to SEM, paid search is your priority. Your goal is to create ads for keywords that will appear on paid search results. A successful SEM campaign will help you earn clicks and attract potential customers, which is why creating high-quality ads is crucial.


Also, launching an SEM campaign can be costly. Similar to social media marketing, you have to spend money on advertising to reach the right audience and drive sales. Fortunately, even with a large amount of money for your SEM campaign, you could gain a high return on investment (ROI) to justify your budget.


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Besides focusing on paid search results and creating a budget plan, what are some of the ways to launch a successful SEM campaign?



3 Tips for Launching an SEM Campaign


1. Optimise your Website

SEM and SEO may be different from one another, but some objectives remain the same, including optimising your website. Since the goal of paid advertising is to drive traffic, your website needs to be SEO-friendly for both search engines and users.


When it comes to optimising your website for SEM, follow the same SEO rules. Make sure your content is rich in keywords, and improve your website speed. Also, remove any unnecessary plugins that could affect your site’s performance.


You could also analyse your website to see which web page is gaining the most traffic. In doing so, you can create ads that will redirect visitors to your most popular web page.


2. Test your Ads

Most advertising platforms like Google Ads let you test ads to discover whether or not your campaign will become successful. The ability to test ads may seem like a simple and accessible feature, but it is also one of the most vital options to consider when creating an SEM campaign. You should always test your ads before you launch them or make any radical changes.


In the digital marketing industry, knowledge is power. With enough knowledge about the competition and the capabilities of your ads, nothing is stopping you from launching a successful SEM campaign. In that case, always test your ads before launching them to know how big of an impact they will have on your performance.


3. Create a Custom Landing Page

Your ads can redirect visitors to a specific page on your website, but you can also create a landing page to do just that. A landing page is a section of your site that people will visit once they click on an ad. Use this opportunity to set a positive first impression of your business by creating a stunning landing page!


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A high-quality landing page can enhance the effectiveness of your SEM campaign. The perfect landing page will help you generate leads, increase conversion rates, and boost sales.  To do so, ensure your landing page is accessible and easy to navigate. You can even encourage visitors to contact your business, sign up for an account, or purchase a product, all with the help of a fancy landing page!




By combining SEM and SEO, you can get instant results while producing a healthy and growing online presence. Create high-quality ads to reach the right audience! In due time, your SEM campaign will become successful as long as you continue to deliver the same level of quality.


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